Ridin’ Solo


The Solo concept bike isn’t just eye candy. Any serious biker would notice the smart re-design element in the concept bike. The bike features what’s known as a “hot swappable” wheel design, allowing you to change your front and rear wheels without affecting or having to tinker with your brake system or interfering with the driveline…but let’s not get into hand-greasing technicalities here. The modern-yet-vintage bike features design elements that give it a retro vibe, but also honor technological advancements. The bike is designed for the regular commuter and also takes into account tiny details like eliminating the greasy bike chain and opting for a far cleaner carbon belt.

The Solo bike concept is truly a two wheeler that’s “one of a kind”!

Designer: Pierre Cerveau









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  • Mario says:

    Respect! One of the first actually feasible bike-design concept I’ve seen on this site. You have understood both the design principles of the bicycle and the needs and “quick wins” achievable with today’s technology.

    Maybe opt for a more sculpted saddle and more ergonomic hoods for the stl brifters.

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