A Futuristic Ferrari. Speed is a Given but Automated

Designer Iman Maghsoudi believes driving cars in the future will be akin to operating a PC while traveling 200 km/h. Humans lacks the concentration and dexterity required to handle such a task but the inevitably of hyper-computerized vehicles is a truth we can’t avoid. Monza is built for speed but smart enough to drive itself.

At slower speeds, the “pilot” sits in a cockpit similar to straddling your office chair like a motorcycle and has full control. Once you exceed a specified speed limit, the computer takes over. The vehicle changes shape resembling an airfoil for maximum aerodynamics. The design creates lift to reduce friction and strong ground effects keep you from taking off. The 2 manta ray like fins adjust to channel air smoothly across the vehicle while also serving to make you look totally bad ass!

I’ll take 2 thanks.

Designer: Iman Maghsoudi