MENU Black Titanium Review

Lets be posh for a moment. Lets pretend I’m some wildly dandy gentleman who jet sets all over but my accoutrements don’t match the lifestyle. If you’re into luxury, style, a a bit of opulence then you might like the Black Titanium Collection by MENU. It consists of luggage tags, a mobile charging cradle, a business card case, and a credit card holder. Read on!

You may wonder why one would need any of these items but there is a market out there for this. Each item is exquisitely made from plastic and shiny black metal – think black chrome. The two luggage tags are a step up from what comes stock with your luggage but they don’t really add anything new other than being extremely sexy and sleek. However I must say they made my Samsonite and Tumi bags look more expensive just by hanging there.

The business card holder is another ho-hum item. It’s made entirely of metal and has a nice weight to it. It’s hinged well to have a slight spring action when you open/close it. Again not something I’d run out to buy since the shiny exterior is a magnet for fingerprints and scratches.

The two items I absolutely loved are the mobile phone charging cradle and credit card holder. The charging cradle is just a shelf for your phone as it juices up. This may be a bit excessive but there’s something satisfying about seeing my iPhone laying there looking all officially… official. The credit card holder is really cool. It beeps when you slide a card in/out. Big whoop but I love the idea. I’v seen it before but none as sexy as this. There’s room for only one card but that’s usually all I carry and that satisfying beep is a great way to let me know the card is no longer in the case.

Whether or not you find these items worth the $30-50 they cost is up to you. Again, these are luxe items meant to compliment your lifestyle. I’ve had them for over a month and just having people ask me what they were with curiosity is usually a good sign. Most people don’t notice little things like luggage tags and card holders. Chalk it up to great design.

You can buy them all here and here among other items from MENU.

Designer: Aurélien Barbry [ Creative Danes is the exclusive importer of MENU in the States ]