Pristine Pen for the Proud Penman

Artists need a clean, fresh canvas for their art. What about writers? Well, how about a clean and fresh writing instrument? The ZERØ Fountain Pens are so minimal they put all others to shame. When capped, they look like an otherworldly, unblemished, pure cylindrical mass. Remove the cap, and you have a world class writing instrument to pen down your literary genius.

ZERØ channels the Minimalist approach with sheer determination, embracing it through and through. The result is a pen so fine, you won’t be able to take your hands off it. Crafted out of the finest Aerospace-grade Aluminum, by CNC milling machines that actually make aerospace components, the ZERØ is actually just minimal in form. If you look at the philosophy and meticulous detail gone into crafting something this pure, you notice how much has gone into attaining such a level of perfection. The ZERØ comes with the finest German Block Nibs available in three nibbed variants. The Outer body comes in two immaculate finishes to choose from… Anodized Silver, and Anodized Black.

So, if the Pen is truly mightier than the sword, let the ZERØ be your weapon of choice.

Designer: Matt Segler

Buy It Here: $60.00. Free US Shipping for Limited Time Only.