It’s so much easier to carry this portable hanger instead of a travel iron

No one really carries hangers with them on the go. They’re meant for on-site use, not for traveling… so what do you do when you check into a hotel or a guest house and you need to hang your crisply ironed shirt somewhere, and there’s no hanger in site? You pull out one of Lingjie Zhu’s Travel Hangers! Designed to fold not at one, but at two points, the hanger collapses to an incredibly small size, making it perfect to stash in suitcases, so your shirts, coats, blazers, etc. don’t ever get wrinkled because you carelessly hung them on a hook behind the door.

The way the Travel Hanger folds is pretty nifty, because it essentially folds against the direction in which you’d hang your clothes, so there’s no way the hanger can ever collapse shut by accident while holding your clothes. The hanger integrates a hook into its design too, which hides inside its form when closed, so the hook doesn’t accidentally pierce or hook onto things in your bag when you’re travelling. Pretty nifty, I’d say.

The Travel Hanger is a winner of the Golden Pin Design Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Lingjie Zhu (Hangzhou Hotdesign)