The New Way to Display Art!

It seems unusual that the world’s most renowned vodka brand Absolut would create a product to help hang art on your wall. However, Absolut has always been heavily invested in the arts. Multiple times every year, it invites artists to collaborate and design bottle artwork for new flavors all around the world. An initiative by the brand, Absolut Art went on to become the world’s leading online platform allowing clients to discover and purchase limited-edition pieces from artists around the world. It comes as no surprise that Absolut would move onto bigger things, like solving each and every art lover’s biggest problem. Displaying the art beautifully.

You could either hammer nails and hooks into the wall, or use Blu tack, but no solution is as elegant, fast, and accommodating as the Absolut Art HangSmart. It just sticks to the wall using an adhesive that’s powerful yet doesn’t damage your wall. The HangSmart allows you to level your artwork, and adjust its placement by moving it upwards/downwards or left/right AFTER you’ve hung your painting. Easily describable as art behind the art, the HangSmart is a clever work of product design, allowing people to simply decorate their homes with lightning speed and ease. Art frames can simply be plugged onto the HangSmart with a click and pushed and pulled to fit perfectly into the desired composition. Plus, gone are the days when you would require destroying your wall, only to cover it up with art. No screws, no measuring tapes, no hammers, no leveling gauges, and no power tools. The HangSmart is the most elegant way to showcase your art!

Designers: Nahema Metha & Marcus Lado

BUY IT HERE: $24.00 $49.00 First 500 backers get a limited edition artwork!