Touching My Image

The LUPE may look like another touchscreen camera but this concept is designed for ease of use and simplicity even tho technically it’s quite complex. Thru a series of transparent touchscreens and optical quality glass lenses, the LUPE magnifies images near and far for almost macro like quality. The focusing mechanism is quite ingenious. Just touch what you want in focus and the camera handles everything else.

Although there’s no mention of traditional mechanisms like shutters and apertures, the LUPE was designed to work without having to think about it. As if looking thru a window you make with your hands, you just focus in on what you want and a snapshot is taken. Simple as that.

Designer: Seoghwan Choi

Texts from the designer regards to the idea:

The understanding of photograph has been changed from a visual-based recording tool for a special moment to an every day life good as its technology has been progressed from the film-based to the digital image-based. As we have been doing so in our every day life, how about taking a picture like observing my daily life with a magnifying glass? The magnifying glass is my metaphoric approach in designing new digital camera. It can be used like the magnifying glass; your observing activities towards things with the magnifier becomes new way of taking photographs in this digital era.

Dish type charge unit.