This kettle-inspired dehumidifier solves the tedious process of emptying water

Our home appliances are getting more efficient by the day. To stand out in the competitive market, any appliance has to be either be a multifunctional product or be a portable version of its predecessors – and if you have them both in one product, you have a winning design. That is exactly what makes the Humi Pot a product design concept set for success because it combines the best parts of a dehumidifier with an electric kettle.

An appliance is universally loved when it is easily usable which means the fewer steps or behavioral changes it takes, the faster it will become essential in our lives. That is the idealogy the Humi Pot functions on as well, it took the simple inherent gesture of tilting the kettle to pour and applied it to how we use a dehumidifier. The action and function of the two appliances were then mechanically merged to give us a dehumidifier that is inspired by the functional form of a kettle. This solves one of the most cumbersome things about using a dehumidifier – the emptying of the water which now becomes a one-step process. So to empty the water in the Humi Pot, you simply pour the collected water out by slightly tilting the appliance. Cleaning is easy too, just detach the top part and rinse the container like you would with a kettle. Unlike the traditional dehumidifiers, this does not require multiple steps to separate the product parts and put them all back. It is also is very convenient for elderly living without assistance.

Since it is portable, you can set it anywhere you like and it doesn’t have to be tied down to a plug point on the wall. The cheery ergonomic build will brighten up your space up instantly unlike the dull, bulky traditional ones. The Humi Pot serves as a modern dehumidifier while saving space and time because of its smaller, more portable form and the elimination of steps that saves time.

Designer: Seongmin Kwon