One Big Digital Scroll Wheel

It’s inevitable, the television is becoming a computer, at least in the sense that it can now access more than just broadcast information. We’re no longer just changing volume and channels. The Baand Remote is a solution to how one might interact with this evolved TV. It’s basically one big scroll wheel. You flick across your content. The gesture is more fluid and intuitive. Everything else happens on a contextual UI that changes based on what you’re doing. Video after the jump.

Designer: Kristian Ulrich Larsen

Baand Remote UI example from Kristian Ulrich Larsen on Vimeo.



  • tom says:

    One band to rule them all.

    Really, I had to say that.

  • Kit says:

    I need it yesterday.

  • Andy says:

    Nice product& Love Breaking Bad in the background of the TV.

  • Sikis says:

    Wow, i love yankodesign. My thoughts has developed about design.

  • James says:

    As a remote control designer myself having done concept designs, I can say that this is a really nice slick design with some nice features and lovely renders that’ll make people want to buy it. But, upon using on a daily basis, the major flaws will become apparent quite quickly. I could go into it but it just needs more actual consumer advice rather than trying to make it look as slick as possible. One for the future, just look into it’s flaws more closely.

  • DH says:

    The concept of this model is similar to the prayer beads of the Buddhist.

  • TJ says:

    COOL!!! wish I have one of those 😀

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