Nissan Mori Scooter. My First “Car”

Our own little Shane Crozier may be a YD writer but he spends most of his time toiling away with ideas and concepts meant to make life easier and a little more fun. The Nissan Mori is an electric scooter inspired by a chest of draws featuring simple interfaces. It can adjust to suit the rider, and all mechanical and maintenance issues are handled by an on-board computer. Why would anyone want this? Hit the jump to read Shane’s scenario.

Makiko has recently moved into her 1st apartment to be closer to uni and her part time job. Living outside Tokyo means she cannot rely solely on public transport, but she doesn’t have enough money for a car. An electric scooter would be practical, affordable and have less of an impact on the environment.

Although she likes current scooters, they are still a bit intimidating for Makiko, who wishes they were as easy to understand and use as her mobile. Nissan understands Makiko, and that there is a market in Japan for an electric scooter targeted at her demographic. With local automotive sales declining in recent years, Nissan is looking to expand its market by creating scooter that will capture this demographic for their 1st vehicle purchase.

Designer: Shane Crozier


  • zippyflounder says:

    A few pratical matters, do you know why there are padded seats on motorbikes and scooters…..its not just for apperance its a vital part of the rid quality as well as giving “butt traction”. You liitle scoot would also need adjustable suspension, or your going to be bottoming out a lot when your fat freind takes it for a ride. Cantiliver wheels look cool, however requrie a lot more stucture and that is $$$ and weight, 2 things this design is suposed to minimise.

  • enoo says:

    Ok, someone has to ask this: why does the female robot of the last image has such a huge … err… chest?

    And yes, it definitely lacks a padded seat. Unless it’s only intended for robots.

    • bang says:

      her huge chest is an oil tank in fact.

    • Dan says:

      to account for those who just so happen to have more … ahem… volume in that area… the model has to allow design of the product for everyone, not just a certain body shape… thats probably why

      • Brennan says:

        It’s really subtle sex appeal.

        If you ride this scooter, you will be a busty robot.

        Ironic, considering it’s from Japan…

        Also, I think the seat is rubber/grippy like other seats, except in matching white instead of the traditional black/grey.

  • zippyflounder says:

    oppsie, notice another thing, if your pivioting the front swing arm for steering its going to be real scary to ride, in general single strut front units have a pivot at the axle and a control link…….mucks up the look but hey function is important too.

  • Shane says:

    Sorry guys. I should be more thorough in my descriptions.
    It does indeed have a padded seat, though its not so obvious in the renders. (Only the part lines are visible) and it is steering is done via a hub mechanism which free’s up the positioning of the handlebars relative to the wheel.
    cheers for your thoughts. critique away!

    • zippyflounder says:

      Shane, your still going to want to make that seat non skid, may look cool and all that way but to stay on the little beastie your going to be squeezing with your knees. Now thats not all bad for Makiko’s boy freind but might get a bit tireing for her. I have done bikes with that type of steering, its NOT what you want to use on such a short wheelbase system or you need to make the angle much more vertical. You can look at some of the older scooter or honda step throughs and see their steering geometery. For even decent handling you would want the body’s vertical CG (center of gravity) about 40/60 or so (front to back wheel) not the 20 80 shown…its not a top fueler after all.

      One final note, you have shown a loaded ground clearance of about 5″ and thats fine, however any small vechile needs either more clearance or adjustable suspension. Scooters like the vespa use rising rate springs, and thats fine but their structure is set up to endure bottoming out of the suspension on a regualr basis. Your layout howeve would lend itself to a auto adjust system using a small air pump and 1 air bag, give it some thought…..Oh btw, the switch paddles are cute but wont last long unless made of some damn strong stuff, snappy pooopoo in a heart beat by any passer by with a chip on their sholder.

    • zippyflounder says:

      shane here is a bit of a primer on suspension, steering and such…

  • Shiella says:

    Looks like a toy for me 🙂 But it good solution for the gas price increase.

  • CDPeterson says:

    I owned a scooter and the thing got 75mpg… i have suspicions that producing and disposing of the batteries used to power these scooters would actually be more detrimental to the environment than the absolutely miniscule amount of exhaust that comes from a scooter. When it comes to something that gets 75mpg, I don’t think there is a positive trade off to going electric because we still burn fuel to charge these little guys in most cases.

  • Tanko says:

    i have recently bought a A-type bike from a Tv buying guide Programme, it is convenient to carry with yet it turns to be too clumsy to ride like a 5ms.

    As my city is a heavy-traffic one, i have no ideas how i could ride it through so many vehicles without not being hit, so i think the steering wheel being too low is a problem for safty, expecially for those taller ones.

    So i think it is ok if it is ride around my apartment buiding for keeping body fit, not going on heavy traffic.

    Hope the height of the steering wheel bar could be adjustable to a comfortable position.

  • Milan says:

    Hi Shane Crozier,

    Nice Scooter. which software you used to draw this ?

  • AdamS says:

    Fantastic Renders! Nice Work

  • MARIO C says:

    Although it still has long way to go before it could be landed and produced at reasonable costs and despite all the ergonomics missing i believe Shanes’s idea is a product that closer to a machine friend and less motorcycle-like, something that inspires confidence and invites to try it.
    i am a motorcycle designer and i know that many ladies first approach to scooters and motorcycles is that they look a bit intimidating to ride.
    I like the concept and the compact dimensions, specially if it is intended for densely populated urban cities, i am thinking such a product could even be taken in the elevator all the way to your studio or apartment (which would be impossible with a regular scooter) and since is very style-oriented it can become part of the decoration of the apartment, being 100% electric would benefit that, no oil or gas smell, no hot engine, etc.

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