Nissan Mori Scooter. My First “Car”

Our own little Shane Crozier may be a YD writer but he spends most of his time toiling away with ideas and concepts meant to make life easier and a little more fun. The Nissan Mori is an electric scooter inspired by a chest of draws featuring simple interfaces. It can adjust to suit the rider, and all mechanical and maintenance issues are handled by an on-board computer. Why would anyone want this? Hit the jump to read Shane’s scenario.

Makiko has recently moved into her 1st apartment to be closer to uni and her part time job. Living outside Tokyo means she cannot rely solely on public transport, but she doesn’t have enough money for a car. An electric scooter would be practical, affordable and have less of an impact on the environment.

Although she likes current scooters, they are still a bit intimidating for Makiko, who wishes they were as easy to understand and use as her mobile. Nissan understands Makiko, and that there is a market in Japan for an electric scooter targeted at her demographic. With local automotive sales declining in recent years, Nissan is looking to expand its market by creating scooter that will capture this demographic for their 1st vehicle purchase.

Designer: Shane Crozier