Yanko Design Goes Retro Future

After World War II General Motors let their designers pretty much go hog wild with automotive concepts. They featured these futuristic designs in a series of eight auto shows called GM Motorama, punctuating the new feeling of prosperity and optimism sweeping through the USA at that time. The result was an absolutely mind blowing collection of some of the greatest and strangest concept vehicle designs ever created. Enjoy this peek into your grandparents future that never was. Notable favorites are the 1959 Cadillac Cyclone, 1953 GM Futureliner and 1951 Lesabre. Which are you feeling?

[ Via: Lifelounge ]


  • Shoovi says:

    Really nice one.
    What is this bus for is it real?

  • FLX says:

    I can see the jet-like one chopping pedestrians waiting at traffic signals to pieces… ergo: i like it! 😀

  • eric says:

    into the future!
    of the sixties

  • IGreenSpot says:

    wow, very retro, but the jet car looks futuristic ..

  • Iron Man says:

    the bus is for real. They used to be used to hold up a massive tent, i think there was like 10 or 12 of them and they circled around and held up a tent. There was one that sold for like 10 million a couple years ago at Barrett- Jackson.

  • Wow! Great “future-retro” pictures

  • quintino says:

    Iron Man sayd it right
    they where used as a publicity stunt
    i bellieve those trucks where also used in a batman movie
    i´m not shure
    and in “i robot” there are this trucks that are look alike

  • Brennan says:

    Beautiful cars. I’d take them all.

    Unfortunately the quote “General Motors let their designers pretty much go hog wild with automotive concepts.” might have been the cause of the quote “GM files for bankruptcy” as we’ve seen over the past month or so.

    Shame, we need nice cars again. I’m tired of everyone driving Civics in four *somewhat* different colours.

  • Ryan says:

    They all look awesome, and though ive seen a few of them, the bottom one looks a lot like the old bat mobile.

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