Attracted to time

Who here remembers Harry? That lovable toy consisting of a cartoon picture of a bald man that you would move magnetic shaving around and create your own hair style and beards? Well that is the basic principal behind this pocket watch concept by Li Jianye. “Time Sand” takes a magnetized minute and hour hands and attracts the help of metal shavings (powdered iron) to display the time. Just shake up the watch and find out what time it is.

Designer: Li Jianye


  • carl says:

    hmmm ok

    when the two magnetised hands cross each other will this not effect the mechanism as they will be attracted to eachother?

    • shellex says:

      really cool. and i have the same question

    • zippyflounder says:

      the iron fillings wont affect the watch but the magnets that are used to make the display can wreak havoc on the mechninim…I know I built one of these 10 years ago.. the other problem is getting the hour hand and minuite hand to not interact maneticly and over power the mechinisim. If anybody wants a REAL one, not just a Idea drop me a line.

      • Yes, because we all know that you actually got some sort of award for your (un)uber design skills. (sarcasm)
        Why not give us a link to your site, or a link to an article with your design on, huh?

        How do you know it isn’t just an all-gears and all wire function?

  • Fred says:


  • eric says:

    um, what?

  • IGreenSpot says:

    a watch supposed to allow me to know the time accurately, i don’t think i get that information from this sand watch

  • jin_woo_han says:

    영인이형 ㅋㅋ

  • hungary says:

    i want to buy one i love this watch!!

  • 9531028 says:

    cool & funny
    but it’s just like kids toy

  • elyk626 says:

    you could just coat the back of the magnets in lead or surround one side in a lead casing to stop them from interacting with each other. likewise, just use nonmagnetic mechanisms for the gearing and use a lead shielding inside the wires. i think the only problem with this is the magnetic particels becoming demagnetized over time due to the shaking to align them to the “hands”. great conceptual design

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