Time in a Crystal Bubble

Marc Newson, world known and respected designer is no novice when it comes to designing time. Because of his love of design and his great interest in Jaeger-LeCoultres Atmos original clocks, Newson has redesigned the Atmos using his special talents and skills. Welcome Atmos 561, a special eightieth anniversary clock. The Atmos 561 resembles a clock for the future. Suspended inside a Baccarat crystal bubble block, the Atmos 561 is powered by changes in temperature allowing the clock to run for years without the need to wind it or change batteries. A perfect clock for those of us who tend to be quite forgetful. Inside the clear crystal capsule, a combination of gas and liquid ethyl chloride expands into the chamber as the temperature rises, which compresses the internal spring. As the temperature lowers, the spring slackens. Newson once again shows his brilliance in design.

Designer: Marc Newson [ Via: Cool Hunting & Gizmodo ]