Swatch’s reimagined classic Jellyfish is now bigger, bolder and quirkier!

Swatch recently launched The Big Bold Jelly, a revamped version of its iconic Jellyfish which rocked the 1980s. However, this one promises to be bigger and bolder. Forfeiting the original 34 mm case, Swatch adopted a more impressive 47 mm dial, fully transparent with a semi-transparent silicone strap! This adds a pop of modernity to a beloved classic, and to be honest, prevents us from squinting our eyes whenever we need to know the time.

Crafted from plastic, the case features a height of 44.80 mm and a thickness of 11.75 mm. The larger case has been teamed up with red, blue, and yellow hands, making for a watch that looks as though it likes to have some fun! The splash of color adds a certain edge to an otherwise subtle watch. The Big Bold Jelly’s translucent nature allows you to sneakily watch the quartz movement, an interesting way to pass the time.

The Big Bold Jelly is a quirky timepiece, its transparent elements allow it to remain low-key, while its colorful hands simultaneously call out for attention, creating the perfect contrast! Priced at 110 USD, it’s an affordable watch that makes telling time fun, and isn’t too heavy on the pocket either!

Designer: Swatch

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