Logitech’s low-profile mechanical keyboard designed specifically for the Mac offers quieter typing experience

I don’t personally fancy keyboards without the palm rest. If you’re a Mac user with no such bias, Logitech has a Bluetooth keyboard you can’t resist. There are two reasons: It’s the first Logi keyboard fully compatible with macOS and iPadOS; and secondly, it brings to Mac the enhanced durability and sublime typing experience PC users relish with Logitech’s mechanical keyboards.

The MX Mechanical Mini for Mac is a tailored version of the PC keyboard with the same moniker. This one differs with a couple of Mac-centric features: the high-quality mechanical keyboard optimized for Mac swaps Windows and Alt Keys – on a similar PC keyboard – with macOS Option and Command keys.

Designer: Logitech

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Logitech right now enjoys a considerable advantage in the computer peripheral market. It has keyboards offering a quitter mechanical typing experience with precise key feedback, and for that reason, PC users just love them. It is therefore only wise that Logitech is extending its finesse beyond the PC. Enter the MX Mechanical Mini for Mac with Tactile Quiet switches Mac-specific key layout and less noise for a “low-profile quieter mechanical typing experience.”

Providing Mac users with a mechanical keyboard optimized for their needs, Logi has also taken due care with the smart backlighting feature for user convenience. The MX Mechanical Mini for Mac comes in light gray and light blue color options which are visually in sync with Mac’s aesthetics. Interestingly, the keyboard is Bluetooth-only, so no need for Logitech dongles that do not support USB Type-C, limiting the peripheral’s versatility. The wireless keyboard packs Li-Po (1500 mAh) battery that runs the keyboard for 15 days on a single charge on full features. Priced at $149.99, the MX Mechanical Mini for Mac being compatible with macOS, iPadOS, lets the user easily pair iMac, MacBook, iPad via Bluetooth with a single push of a button!