Hooded Up

Hood Air © is an innovative new product that takes on two things close to my heart, messenger bags and strange places to fall asleep.  To change functions from bag to travel hood, unzip the two halves of the courier bag and secure with a simple popper, then blow to inflate. Now you got a nice cushion to rest on along with privacy. Hood Air © is made from welded polyurethane plastic and high visibility neoprene plastic.

Designer: Laura Jaeger


  • carl says:

    ideal for scumbags..!

  • eric says:

    way cool

  • sunjoo says:

    theoretically seems like a good idea but what the hell do you do with the contents of the bag?? stuff them all in your pockets when you use it as a hoodie?

  • Michael says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to just design a jacket with this blow up hood technology? Realistically, the bag element is just extraneous function tacked on to the main function of the object. As stated before also, where do you put all the items that were in the bag when you change it into hood mode.

  • SlovenlySarah says:

    I would just assume that I’d pack a lightweight blanket in the bag. Then I’ve got comfortable sleeping just waiting for me.

    Oh, a blanket AND my teddy bear of course. >_<

  • enoo says:

    Weehee, I love it. No idea why. That’s the kind of thing I’m sure I’ll never use, but I still want one 🙂

  • JujuBunneh says:

    Ummmmmmmmmm……Where can I buy this?? Found it on Goggle Images and it’s exactly what I need for a costume I’m designing….

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