Ambient Lights Get Powered By Nothing

Well almost nothing. Here’s how the deal works: you have a multiple socket strip and probably using up all the sockets to power your gadgets. Its switched on and you keep forgetting to unplug or switch off the unused gadget from the strip and waste energy. With the Saving Energy Multitap, the so called wasted energy is no longer wasted….it gets sucked up to power this set of cool looking touch-sensitive ambient lights on the wall. The job of these ambient lights is to subtly remind you that you need to power off buddy!

The video of the working prototype convinces me that this is a neat idea!

* Gold Award : The 22nd Koizumi International Lighting Design Competition for Students

Designers: Dong Hoon Han, Hwa Yong Shin & Dong Jin Shin

[youtube: 605 445]

Energy Saving Multitap For Ambient Lights by Dong Hoon Han, Hwa Yong Shin & Dong Jin Shin