Shed This Metal Coil…

We can all agree that art is mostly subjective. Industrial design is usually not spared the cynical judgement imposed on traditional art, but none the less, is subject to just as much criticism. Which brings me to this piece of “furniture”. It was virtually delivered to Yanko Design with the proper amount of artsy rhetoric, as well as being mysteriously named “Made by a Piece of Paper” by Jingjing Yao. My challenge as a writer for Yanko Design is to literally figure out what it is, does, function as or inspire us to do. I can’t seem to find a flat surface for holding a Miller Lite, so scratch the coffee table idea. There is not a slot for placing art or a book, so it’s not a shelf. I am not really sure I would want to sit on it, so it’s not a stool. Oh, I give up. Anyone out there have a clue?

Designer: Jingjing Yao


  • TH says:

    It’s a political statement for freedom of speech.

    This seemingly infinite and boundless sheet of metal is at the same time a globe, and as seen from this angle, the @ character. Thus, the form symbolises the interconnected world, global ideals of freedom. The material, on the other hand, evokes associations of power and oppression, army tanks and the iron fist that tries to silence and confine those who disagree. By juxtaposing these two worldviews, the artist is making a statement of how fragile, yet indestructable our freedom of speech and thought is.

  • AG says:

    Wow design is easy sometimes.

    I get and appreciate surrealism, dadism, impressionism, futurism, all that… I get evoking a message or feeling through art. Hell, I’m an artist myself.

    But come on.

  • TH says:

    Perhaps I should add that I have no idea what I’m talking about, as I was just making this up. But, looking beyond the twirl of steel, this is one thing you could see, if you wanted.

    I don’t know what it’s for, but I like the shape of it nevertheless.

  • nc26 says:

    Trying to figure out where all the lines of the shape are gave me a freaking huge ass headache @[email protected]

  • Will says:

    I saw this at Stockholm fair and it was beautiful.

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