Ferrari “we give up, you do it…”

Seems Italian car maker Ferrari has had just about enough of their whinny customers wanting custom this and custom that on their mid-life crisis. More than enough customers have waltzed into their Maranello headquarters with their own design ideas of the perfect Ferrari to convince executives at Ferrari to launch a “One Off” program. I can almost hear the conversation now between two Ferrari generals….Ferrari Exective #1 ” Asa matter witha all of dees people and their-a estupid designs ideas…? Mama mia! Whata we gonna do-a to shut-a dem up-a?” Ferrari Executive #2 ” Hey, I gotta a good idea! We take-a der money and we let-a them make-a whatever dey want-a…” Ferrari Executive #1 “ok, but no SUVs-a and no Ferrari Mini Vans-a”. So that’s the deal. For two million Euros you can bring in your own design. As long as it fits onto a current Ferrari chassis and your check clears, you can have your very own Ferrari “Dave” or Ferrari “Mohammed” or Ferrari “Takashi”… Enzo is spinning in his hand stitched leather grave.

[ Via: EuroCar ]