FYI: The 411 on 2028 by VW

Let’s see what we can look forward to in the year 2028. Britney’s kids will be readmitted to rehab for the 14th time after getting caught being average and functional. The US is bought by two Chinese business men as a place to keep all their stuff and my girlfriend will still think she looks fat in her 9,763rd pair of jeans. Oh and Volkwagen will be releasing some pretty “safe, comfortable and efficient..” vehicles. Sure, these cars still won’t fly, but they will interact with traffic lights, park automatically and change color with the press of a button. Volkswagen presented this concept exercise into what the future of automobiles may look like in 2028…cast your eyes into their crystal ball and tell us what you think.

[ Volkswagen 2028 Product Page ] [ Via: AutoBlog ]

The Volkswagen Ego is a sporty two-seater. Our definition of driving fun: a car that doesn’t just fit in with the driver and traffic conditions, but also considers the needs of the environment. It will have multitude of sensors that will permanently scan the vehicle surroundings. In addition to radar sensors, there will also be cameras, laser and ultrasound sensors that supply a specific image of the vehicle surroundings.

The Volkswagen One is the ideal car for people with an active, urban lifestyle. With its flexible chassis design, it fits into every parking space and joins together with other ones to form trains during rush hour that can be steered automatically past every traffic jam.

The Volkswagen Room is a car for the whole family. Contains assistants and a manager to support you. Driving assitance systems, intelligent traffic management systems and expanded navigation software can take over driving for you in a certain situations. For example when you’re on the motorway, the car positions itself automatically in the traffic, plans lane and speed changes jointly with other road users and brakes until stationary in emergencies.


  • eric says:

    cool concepts. if only automotive companies had the nads to actually put one of them into production

  • uristocrat says:

    these are some interesting concepts. Is the technology available to make al lthis happen?

  • JT says:

    Well… I only see some cool images and some words that I could have written by myself, if I sat for a while in my sofa dreaming awake. Nothing compared to the BMW Gina, for example.

    Sadly, I think that in 2028, a (private) car won’t be a cool nor interesting concept itself.
    And if it still is, then we’ll have more than one problem.

  • zippyflounder says:

    bmw gina sucks.

  • Dj75728 says:

    Volkswagen Ego: I like the hologram projector’s on the rims showing the logo. I hope it doesn’t spin with the the wheel though, it would like spin-art.

    • Philipp Alder says:

      There are a couple of videos on Volkswagens website and the hologram doesn’t spin just the tire (it’s probably not only the tire itself but you get the idea)

  • LindsayJoy says:

    Regards to the ego design.

    I don’t know where to start…i mean, the wheels look like they have volkswagen trophies in the middle.

    Not only are there no windows NOR a windshield….I can only *assume* you can see out but not in?

    But as far as I know tints beyond a certain level are illegal, and not being to see in at all would be totally illegal. Yet I do see the possibility of doing more errrr “entertaining” things if people cant see in!

  • mullingitover says:

    Concept cars more than five years out are free rein for designers to go totally batshit crazy. Like lol no windows? Really?

    If there’s anything I learned about concept cars growing up, it’s that you can bet your bottom dollar they will never come out. All the cars I drooled over in grade school that were coming out aroung y2k? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. It’s 2008 and you still don’t see anything like them. The Honda CR-Z concept everyone is drooling over? When it comes out, it’ll be a Civic with a different grill.

    • zippyflounder says:

      you were in grade shool in 1999………….wholyshitski your young!

  • Def says:

    VW One looks like a golf caddy. Perhaps some trusters, would speed up the little thing, and finally we would fly like in Meet the Jetsons or Futurama 😉

  • carl says:

    colourchange cars perfect for any criminal getaway..!

  • Iperpaolo says:

    I like the second concept, the tricycle, I ‘don’t understand where could be the engine or the battery, but the structure is smart.
    the back wheels without cut-off are a very ancient idea , and I don’t understand the utility of it ( moreover are very complex to realize)

  • CP says:

    … and i guess safety regulations on the structural integrity of the vehicle dont apply anymore in the future… unless they think in the future no one would want to exceed 5mph… sure, i love the idea of rushing down the highway at 70 with my family having only a pane of opaque glass between us and a semi…

    • Vasquez says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing while looking at those concepts, if anything people are going to grow more cautious of a car’s safety.

  • Too bad this will never be released… I am still not sure why all these companies insist on making these sweet designs… that will never happen, yet there own cars are incredibly ugly.

  • Sven Couture says:

    I already have a “Volkswagen Room”!…but mine is FULL of TOYS!!…love the idea though…..VW always keeping it REAL!

  • Brennan says:

    I’d drive the top one. Reminds me of the I, Robot Audi. So clean and smooth.

    The tricycle design concept has been around forever in the minds of Popular Science magazine readers.

    Frankly, living in Alberta, Canada would be death in one of those child strollers. Practically everyone drives a large truck that would hesitate nothing at crushing those spindly designs.

    However, if *everyone* used one, and there was nothing bigger or scarier to kill you, it would be very efficient for the city.

  • Hsien says:

    i loove the ego!! but the one kinda looks lonely…. DX

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