Design Digest Vol.16

Tuesdays, the most boring day of the week. I mean, whatever happens on a Tuesday anyway? Sure, they release new music and movies on DVD but thats pretty much it. Except today is also the day for the all important, randomly placed weekly installment of YD’s Design Digest; A compendium of easily digestible design delights from around the inter-webs.

Round 1 has us all suffering from a case of sticker shock. These artsy-fartsy auto stickers by INFECTIOUS. They teamed up with artist from around the globe to brighten up those tired looking cars on every block. Nothing says “look at me, look at me” like a giant pink bunny on your 1995 Honda Civic.

Round 2 is a glimpse into the past with this “Ammonite” washbasin from HighTech. Inspired by ammonites (hence the name), this concrete sink is perfect for washing your face caveman style and wondering if water really does drain clockwise in Southern Pangea.

Round 3 is the bee’s knees of architecture in Slovenia. This public housing project takes its cues from the modular honeycomb clusters of a beehive. I bet the inside is just as sweet… (rim shot)

Round 4 is something I would bet my left eye ball looks much much better in person than in these photos. Stand way back because this “Sunny Day” installation by Aleksandra Stratimirovic is made of over four thousand glass medical phials filled with coloured liquids, which combine to produce any number of stunning images really only comes to life from a distance.


  • Jade Doel says:

    That basin is the best thing I have ever seen!

  • TH says:

    I can imagine the stains in the basin especially in hard water areas… Nice-looking thing otherwise.

    The car stickers are simply dumb, the company seems to expect that the trend of tuning cars continues and catches those who have even less sense of style than those doing it today. And I’m sure they’ll sell a decent number of those things, but in the end, this is as chav as chav gets.

  • rayelle says:

    I really like the sink (or basin depending on which part of the world you’re from)!

  • srose says:

    looove that sink

  • srose says:

    looove that sink

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