A Phone made from trash?

You’ll find no iPhone touchscreen or 10 megapixel camera here. Nor will you find mirror finishes or a graphic interface spec’d for stunning video. What you WILL find is car tires, old PET bottles and pre loved soda cans.

Ok, so here’s the deal, apparently a typical mobile phone contains approximately 44 of the 112 elements known to mankind. Now I’m no chemist but apart from the environmental issues this would create, I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t want to be holding a large chunk of the periodic table 2 inches from my brain on a day to day basis. The folks over at Nokia have been looking at ways to create a sustainable mobile that reduces the number and toxicity of materials goes into manufacture. If that wasn’t noble enough, the skin and bones are created entirely through Upcycling. The result is the Remade.

The numeric keypad backing and all the gaskets are made from car tires, plastic components are from recycled PET bottles and the shell is made from old metal cans (lick one and see if you can taste the Pepsi).

As Nokia has eloquently stated, many small actions when multiplied by large numbers, can indeed change the world. We can see the result of the many small actions here. Now all the remains are the large numbers. I’ll be on the waiting list.