New Hotness: Less is more

It seems everyone has tried their hand at designing the best all-in-one universal remote control. So many buttons so little time to actually learn what they all do. Well the “sPult” channel surfer by Yurii Smitana Perfilov is probably one of the most simple and elegant designs I have ever seen for this greatest of past times. The sPult strips away all the occasional buttons we are used to seeing and delivers just the barest of essentials for making like a starchy root on a sofa. Inspired by the iPod’s scroll wheel, this neat package comes with it’s own scroll variant for channel surfing with the greatest of ease. Along with the scroll wheel, you will find a simple favorites selector, volume up/down button, mute button and power button. That’s it, simple, elegant and totally useful. Good job Yuri.

Designer: Yurii Smitana Perfilov


  • W. Brinkman says:

    What a rubbish design.
    im not even going to explain myself, the render says enough.

  • Zane says:

    I actually like it, a lot of thought put in it for a remote control. I think the lights on it would better as blue, but the grip looks great.

  • vincent says:

    The scroll wheel would never work, as a TV’s tuner can’t work as fast as a thumb on a scroll wheel.
    You are also missing the guide and info buttons.

    If this is for just a TV, then you want the info to show signal strength and the DTV up coming programing information.

    If it was for cable or satellite, then you are missing the buttons to use and navigate the TV guide that comes with the service.

    • Barat Yomama says:

      umm – this is one of the more idiotic comments I have read in my twenty years of using the Internet (yes, 20).

      You make very detailed criticisms of the device while knowing little or nothing of the details of its implementation. I’m not personally fond of the “B&O” school of design, which this device reminds me of, but I can think of at least a couple of ways the scroll wheel could be implemented that would entail none of the problems you suggest. Suppose the device simply lets you scroll until it displays the channel you want, then transmits the code for the desired channel when you stop scrolling? All of the things you whine about, with no factual basis, are easily dealt with in a good design.

      Those who can, do. Those who can’t sit around throwing rocks at the work of those who could, and did.

  • Jade Doel says:

    Inspired by the Wii Remote with the Trigger-esque way of holding it and the location of the buttons.
    Basically I love it. A remote that can remove over 50% of the buttons is a good thing!


  • Wade says:

    vincent, I believe the remote would have to be paired with an RF channel-changer box or something. The affordance for what channel is currently scrolled to is the # shown on the remote (which is crap, but I understand the limitation) and the box would only be able to change channels cleanly once the user settles on a #. Give me a TV remote from the 80s with digits on it any day, but it’s possible to make it work.

    The favorites feature seems arbitrarily limited to 4 channels.

    If this is intended to be simple, get rid of the stupid phalus on the underside.

    The heart serves no purpose if there are 4 dedicated favorites buttons with LEDs. Get rid of it.

    I don’t see how the wheel “is inspired by the iPod scroll wheel”. It looks like an actual dial to me, perhaps explaining the handle. Meaning crumbs will get jammed in between the dial and the remote body eventually.

  • m a g i c - p l a s says:

    i totally liked it

  • jin_woo_han says:

    what is this for? what is different point from other similar things?

  • Ian says:

    New Hotness: Less is more, assuming you can actually make the damn thing fully functional and intuitive.

    This one maybe not?

  • m a g i c - p l a s t i c says:

    i totally liked it

  • PCNews says:

    Russian are good to design. I just like it. I don’t know if will be functional but simply I like the design of it. Good work!
    Also, Russia – Holland 2-1 😉

  • Shilan Afshani says:

    It is so simple that it looks so complicated!
    I like the scroll for changing channel but how about if I want to change the TV mode to DVD?

  • Cable? Direct TV? Let’s start by redesigning the crappy interfaces that the digital service providers give you. Especially bad is Comcast. They must not believe in testing. TV was best with analog cable, when you could hit up and down buttons and it would instantly react. click click click… Now it’s all guide and no images. Assuming we revert back to analog which (will never happen), a smallish more rectangular remote that fits in the hand with channel up, channel down and mute buttons would be fine.

  • rog says:

    To redesign an interface is not only about discarding a lot of functions till the interface looks clean. I mean everyone can design a remote control with only one button (on/off) and say it’s so cool because it’s so simple! 🙂 I guess it’s more about the reduction to the essential functions you really need and which will make sense. What functions should be on the remote controll, which one on the TV? What are the priorities of the functions you use when you are watching TV? There are a lot of problems to solve.

    Also it’s not really an advantage talking about a simple remote control when you have to tell people with a list containing 7(!) points how to use it…
    That’s the difference to the ipod, the interface speaks for itself, – everything is cleaned up and you have icons with a distinct way of communication.

    What’s the idea behind the formfactor? When you would show the product in a context, it will be easier to understand why it’s shaped like that…

    just my 2 (euro) cents. 🙂

  • mblu says:

    The functionality might be useful…
    but this design is definitely not simple.
    In fact in boasts high contrasts between strong, thin, curvy and straight lines and shapes.

  • Vastad says:

    To be honest, on the stock zapper we got with our TV, I only use about 6 controls: volume, channel, aspect ratio, source, previous channel and info. Nothing else.

    The most frustrating thing is having to surf 120 channels from ch 12 to 87, just to check on the ten favourites. If this proto-Stilleto heel zapper can let me hotkey my favs with customizable buttons, I’m very happy to pay money for it.

  • Forrest Radford says:

    interesting, not sure about the design, looks a bit odd for me. In my opinion the 2 different B&O remotes are the best and do all that you would need. I have some in my house and they control EVERYTHING. Yes I know they only work on B&O products but I think you all know what I mean.

  • betajonny says:

    It would work if the programes in TV, set like Microsoft Windows Media Centre
    or like Widnows Vista Flippijng
    then the scroll would work fucntionalbe and yet very easy to use
    I love the design

  • Voxtango says:

    This “Wade” quips: “If this is intended to be simple, get rid of the stupid phalus (sic) on the underside.”

    Why is it all about penises with you, “Wade?”

    It’s “phallus” by the way, so you have little right to be hurling names at what is or is not “stupid.”

    The design is clever, but would hardly fly in the current era of worshipping all things digital.

    (Keep selling your souls.)

    I’m afraid many are simply missing the point.

    I will say, the “heart” is greatly affected and should be replaced by something less ridiculous.

    It’s a remote. Not a bumper sticker touting your favorite breed of dog. Or as “Wade” might say, “I heart my face, don’t you heart it, too?”

    • fattrucker says:

      The smooth blade like design seems purpose made for sliding between the cushions of the sofa and hiding there and what becomes of that “phallus” then, upon being carelessly sat upon by someone like this “Voxtango”. I’d recommend a soft latex sheath, possibly in an easy to spot shade of pink with a vibrating mode to aid in it’s location and retrieval. The sheath would also keep foreign objects and water based lubricants from entering the delicate electronics through the open portal formed by that ridiculous rotating knob.

  • Boldis Media says:

    Brilliant gadget design!

  • Voxie says:

    HA! (how did I miss this? 2009?!)

    This fattstalker never quits!

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  • Voxtango says:

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    This makes the SECOND TIME I've come across a post I have somehow erased from my megacephalic countenance.

    One wonders if the vineyard blood speaks of its own accord.

    Until next time, then????? HAHAHAHAHA


  • Voxtango says:



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