Here’s how to easily shift your home to a Solar-Energy-powered setup with the BLUETTI EP900

The reason why most of us haven’t adopted solar energy is because it sounds easier than it is. You need to factor in the square-footage for solar panels, connect them to a battery system, hook the batteries to a generator/power station that can effectively switch between the grid and solar power, and most importantly, make sure all the aforementioned gadgets are compatible with each other. It’s a lot like buying computers back in the day. Buy a motherboard, which graphics card and CPU are compatible, figure out which RAMs to use, make sure you’ve got enough slots for expansions, install a hard drive or SSD, and then just make sure all the pieces work together in unison. What if, however, there was a simpler way? A simpler way to install a solar-energy set-up on your house that was as simple as choosing specs on a website and having a readymade desktop or laptop ship to your door? It’s an idea that not many companies have worked on, and it seems like Tesla has abandoned the solar panel and battery-powered home idea almost entirely, but it’s a future that BLUETTI is working towards. The company just announced the EP900, a simple, convenient, hassle-free, and modular setup comprising of a power station, and a stackable battery system that lets you connect solar panels to your grid to harness, store, or even sell solar energy.

Designer: BLUETTI

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What makes the EP900 so remarkable is how easily the pieces fall into place. It starts with the EP900’s modular design, featuring a power station on top and modular battery packs below. Supporting the company’s B500 battery packs, the EP900 lets you go all the way up to 39kWh of power by stacking up to four 9.9kWh battery packs one upon another. In this configuration, the EP900 gives you a maximum output of 9kW, enough to power your entire home with all your appliances almost fully on battery power. Hook the EP900 to a set of BLUETTI’s solar panels and you can even run your home entirely on solar power 24×7, getting you through power outages, emergencies, and natural calamities that affect the area’s power supply.

The EP900 power station and B500 battery modules come with a design best described as cutting-edge. The power station and battery packs have a slick, metallic design reminiscent of something from a Silicon Valley company, and stack wonderfully one on another, creating a vertical tower that sits right beside your power box. Made for both outdoor as well as indoor use, the setup is IP65 water-resistant, and the LiFePO4 battery cells are weather-resistant too. In the hot months, they can resist high temperatures, functioning seamlessly without any danger, and in low weather, they have a self-warming protocol that keeps the setup from freezing and shutting down.

In fact, the B500 battery modules are some of BLUETTI’s top-of-the-line modules, being compatible with their other flagship power stations too. The batteries use EV-grade LiFePO4 cells that retain their capacity even after years of usage, and come with a 10-year warranty to drive the point home. An intelligent BMS (battery management system) helps protect your EP900 setup from surges, overcharging, overheating, or voltage fluctuation, and BLUETTI’s smartphone app gives you a comprehensive overview on your energy consumption, battery levels, and overall battery health.

So how would one, in theory, set up the EP900? Well, the EP900 works with new as well as existing solar panels, although BLUETTI makes some of the most energy-efficient ones on the market. Determine how many battery modules you need based on your home size and power consumption, and add an extra battery pack just for emergencies. You can even sell your excess power back to the electrical company for subsidies on your bills or a cashback! However, the real-life payouts are much more rewarding. The EP900 makes switching to solar power, or switching power stations to better harness your solar energy, much simpler.

The device is absolutely effortless to install, with batteries and power stations stacking upon each other like LEGO bricks, and helps you get through the tough, unpredictable times in your life, whether it’s a random power outage or something a little more serious.

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