Bipolar Table

Ok couch potatoes, this one is NOT for you. As if surfing for free porn on the web and flipping through hundreds of channels on TV were not tiring enough, now we are expected to do push ups just to bring food as close to my face as possible. This table design by Chris Murphy called “Push Up Table” just may be attractive enough to warrant the extra effort it takes to adjust the height. Operating on two levels, this table works similar to a clicky pen and is a beautiful combination of glass, silicon and metal.

Designer: Chris Murphy


  • It curious you say it is called “Push-Up Table” while in his site (Which you provide link to), the designer himself called it “Spider Table”…..

    • Chris Murphy says:

      The table is actually called “Push Up Table”.

      ‘Spider Table’ is a working title used by the the website developer. The error will be rectified asap.


  • Keith says:

    I like this concept. Could you reverse the legs so that they angled into the center of the table though. They seem to just stick out a bit far when the table is lowered.

  • phil says:

    cool concept, epecially with the “clicky pen” type functionality. i agree with kieth though – with the legs going outwards it uses up a lot of space for such a small table top. this would make it totally useless in my home. i also think it looks too mechanical. maybe it could have some curved bits. i think at the moment it looks a bit like it should be in a disabillity aids brochure.

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