M. Liminal Piano Inspired by Music & Sea

The design relives tradition, modernizing the classic piano. The instrument is inserted in a strip of wood and rests on a metal base, soundproofed thanks to sound deadening paint. The base is aligned with the barycentre of the instrument which houses the pedals. The red of the soundboard, the black of the cast iron frame and the transparency of the Plexiglas music stand assert the medley of classic and modern styles.

Just as consonance and dissonance are organized in music, M. Liminal’s shapes and colors are combined in asymmetric designs, simultaneously generating a composite and organic unit, as in nature. The M. Liminal design is dually inspired by music and the “sea”: the shape of the side evokes the profile of a wave while silver evokes the blinding mirror of the water illuminated by the sun. The red of the soundboard and black of the cast iron frame filter through the transparency of music stand, revealing additional beauty and strengthening the feel moment. M. Liminal: the music of shape and the design of sound.

Designer: Philippe Gendre