Staircase designs that will uplift any space: Part 3

A sprawling, beautifully designed staircase can add manifolds of character to any space. Whether it is simple or elaborate, whether placed at home or in a public setting, a well thought out staircase is bound to catch everybody’s eyes! So, we’ve curated a collection of staircases that immediately grab attention, either through their intricate detailing, impressive size or simply through the attention to detail put into designing them!

VG Studio’s Band Rail looks like a typical wooden handrail accompanying an ordinary staircase at first glance, providing you with support as you amass your expansive home. However look a little deeper, and you realize it functions as a bookcase as well! Wooden ‘gills’ mimicking the gills of a fish adorn the entire length of the handrail. The gills provide little nooks and crannies to subtly store your books. It’s a staircase with a storage unit for books!

The Minimal Staircase by Terajima Architects is one of my favorites! Composed of wooden blocks, with a sleek metal handrail piercing through one lone block, the Minimal Staircase is simple and sophisticated.

Part of a house project, this illuminating staircase by Dipiugi Luxury Interior Design & Architecture is sure to brighten up any living space! With tubular lighting fixtures attached at the bottom of each stair, the orangish-yellow lighting against the matte black structure creates an ethereal halo-ish glow! One side of the staircase extends into several levels of shelves, where one could store their everyday items.

This floating spiral staircase by Sam Pellissier takes us back to a time where architecture was designed to be art. The intricate woodwork and the engineering may have taken time, but we must say the end result is no less than a piece of art.

Walking through the Tube Stairs by EeStairs must feel like, well, walking through a tube. Cocoon-like in appearance, the staircase gives the illusion of moving through a tunnel, an elevated one though!

Designed by the Mint Tiny House Company, this super cool staircase also doubles up as a storage unit! Each individual step functions as some form of storage area. The staircase smoothly integrates with the kitchen, forming kitchen cabinets and a spot for a mini-fridge!

This staircase at Villa MQ, designed by Office O Architects, features white metal treads encompassed by cables. The entire affair has a very sleek and futuristic appeal to it.

Architecture for London integrated a floating staircase and a kitchen bench to create one intriguing structure. Concrete and wood were used to create a beautiful contrast.

Designed by Sebastian Gilardoni, this staircase is one spiral wonder! Accentuated by blues and whites, the structure has a hypnotic effect to it. I don’t know about you, but this is one staircase I wouldn’t want to peek down from.

This fire escape on the side of a house in Marseille, France is worthy of being called a sculptural piece! Designed by Fernand Boukobza, the staircase looks like a never-ending column.

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