Overtstuffed Bags Not A Problem

The Kompressor Luggage is a concept that uses seatbelt like straps to compress its volume by nearly 40%. The space savings means you can take it as carry-on luggage, especially helpful since some airlines now charge for check-ins. The center dial does double duty by keeping your contents locked up and as a ninja star when needed. Okay so that last bit was a jest but surely that would be totally cool if true.

Designer: Gary Wilkinson

The suitcase has a compression system that allows it to remove wasted space within the bag. This is done with the use of 8 elastic straps which are connected into the center panel, using a similar feature as used in seat belts. These straps pull each corner and side to allow around a 40% reductio in the bags size making it easier to transport, store and pack.

Locking System: To gain entry into the storage area a key is placed in the corner lock, which releases the straps. This causes the bag to decompress so that it can be packed.


  • tehnza says:

    I wouldn’t like to iron my wears after them being compressed in this bag ^^

    Nice feature tho

  • Lim says:

    I think….. very crude way of executing the idea out…

  • zuy says:

    i’m ok with Lim concept OK but execution zero…

  • jbr says:

    I dont belive in this result, and in your images.
    And i have to say that this is used in backpacks for travel, so, this is not a new concept.

  • TonTon says:

    That´s gonna be quite expensive

  • ceebee says:

    how much can be shoved in those bags? And would it wrinkle clothes once it’s unstuffed?

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