Time to Watch this Line

A watch for keeping time is becoming less and less a part of society. With many of us now looking at our mobile phones for the correct network calibrated time, the watch industry has seen a massive decline in sales over the past decade. Wearing a watch in 2008 is becoming more of a utilitarian fashion accessory, than a way to count the hours. Denis Guidone was just selected as the winner of the international design competition Adamo Eva. His whimsical scribble watch design called “Ora Unica”, meaning One Hour, is a wonderful contrast of chaos and order mixed together. In their words, “The hour and minute hands are represented by a single line drawn on two circular faces, which turn one inside the other. Both faces together resemble a graphical gesture, a doodle that changes as time passes.” So now you know what time it is… I think.

Designer: Denis Guidone