Flex Insulin Pump Overcomes Diabetes, Fear of Leeches

For all the active diabetes sufferers, Ellaluna Taylor has designed the Flex insulin pump system that acts as a “unique prosthetic skin” that is worn naturally under clothing as a discreet glucose management solution. Packaged with a PDA-like glucose eReader for interfacing with the device, the device makes use of soft battery technology and the MEMS Nano Pump for increased dosage accuracy and reliability. Now if only you could pair this with the Glucose Tattoo, you’d be the coolest kid on the block… with diabetes.

Designer: Ellaluna Taylor


  • jin_woo_han says:

    usually, we cannot reallize how painful patient are suffering from medication. That’s so suitable solution for them.

    Btw, can we really go into the coolest boy world?:)

  • K-Funky says:

    The idea is very old… Can’t remember who made the first one of flexible syringe.

  • salem says:


  • Spoon says:

    Awesome presentation. Love the product. Packaging and graphic layout is really impressive! Design on!

  • Anonymous says:

    its like a leach

  • Cromagnum says:

    Feature to add: Micro electric generator. Any movement between the two stick pads is translated into battery power. Ergo no replacing the batteries.

    Real Problem to solve:
    How do you prevent infection at the injection site. Perhaps the suplus power (above) could power a light or a bacteria/virus destroyer.

  • Nice job, realistic technologies, lots of little problems to be solved but all in all a good job.

  • L Johnson says:

    Very interesting, it is still a bit bulky for all our slim fitting teeshirts though and I highly doubt I would want one attached to my arm. I love the thought of a self charging battery:)

  • Doug Aamoth says:

    I currently use something very similar to this idea called the OmniPod. It’s basically a little matchbox-sized receptacle that holds 2-3 days of insulin and can be attached anywhere on the body.

    Insulin dosages and blood sugar readings are handled with a device similar to an old school BlackBerry, which communicates with the receptacle wirelessly. Pretty cool stuff.

  • sam says:

    like the idea, put this looks big and bulky, and long not sure how comfortable this would be

  • Where you could buy this incredible device that is important.

    Leech concept is amazing.

    Designers RULE THE WORLD.

  • SweetOne says:

    different shape and more streamline would work better…current problem w/ Omnipod is it hits on stuff and comes off! need low profile device. Great concept…especially flexibility

  • Chanyang says:

    Hopefully kids won't respond by going:
    "Oh Cool, what is that. What in the world is diabetes? Hey Johnny, let me try it on.."
    share, share, share.

  • Chanyang says:

    Hopefully kids won't respond by going:
    “Oh Cool, what is that. What in the world is diabetes? Hey Johnny, let me try it on..”
    share, share, share.

  • Rachel says:

    Can i buy this?

  • Rachel says:

    Can i buy this?

  • Yousuf says:

    Is this product on sale?

  • akalay says:

    Super 🙂 How can I buy this?

  • ryan hannigan says:

    is thids out yet cause i was diagnosed with type 1 insulin dependent on “monday 3 december 2012” and id rather have that than injec myself and id rather eat what i want when i want the be restricted on my diet

  • Hartejetje says:

    Hopefully kids WILL respond so you can tell what’s diabetes is all about and children know how to handle when there diabatic friend is suffering a hypo!

  • Amanda Johnson says:

    I have a lot of questions for this. I am a type I diabetic for 22 years and I have been using the Medtronic mini med for about 7 years now. With this one is it water proof. How easy does it come off. How expensive is it and does insurance cover it.

  • Hali says:

    Can you send me more info please .. Do it come with a continuous glucose sensor? Where can I get one?

  • marta says:

    Does anybody knows how can I get one? It would be awesome for me. Thanks in advance.

  • marta says:

    Does anybody know how can I get one? It would be awesome for me. Thanks in advance.

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