Get Inked….and some beer

Are you a little burnt like me? Not necessarily from smoking anything, you just have a mind full of “more important” things than menial tasks like grocery shopping. Well for all you sub-genius’ out there, this next item up for bids is right up your grocery aisle. Don’t look like a crack-head and just write willy-nilly all over your body words like Melons, Coke or Tampons. Get organized and pick up some “To-Do Tattoos” by Andy Ward for Fred & Friends. Never again misplace your shopping list, just jot your list on something you will never misplace or lose (unless you steal in an Arab country), your hand.

Designer: Andy Ward [ Via: Buy It Here ]


  • mariess says:

    i once knew someone who used that and couldn’t figure out how to get it of…

  • zippyflounder says:

    ok so you write on the pad your list and transfer it to your hand…… is that better than just WRITING IT ON YOUR HAND with your existing ball point pen?…………….jeezuz

    • ModuleS says:

      From the product page: “Our To-Do Tattoo kit includes 12 graphic “To Do” forms that you can apply to your body wherever it’s most convenient (or creative) and a skin-safe, washable-ink gel pen.”

      I guess it’s better because it uses a washable ink gel pen.

      • zippyflounder says:

        oh come now, standard ball point pen ink washes off, put a little baby oil on it first then soap…

  • P7 says:

    What is your normal shopping lists. You may need to put that all over your body.

  • carl says:

    and wot about the liability of being poisoned by long term use from the ink? no don tell me its safe ink.. this is a rubbish idea. but thats all it will ever be an idea.

    • tar says:

      I’m pretty sure this product actually exists.

      And I’m pretty sure it’s actually as retarded as it looks.

  • Jove says:


  • igreenspot says:

    agree with zippyflounder, what’s the point of this creation ? just write it on our hand, a lot easier, no hassle …

  • Lim says:

    Yah… I dont see the need for thsi design and i have a friend who often love to write quick note on his hand. There pen in the market that the ink cna be wash just by soap and water.
    This design waste resources and time….

  • foodcert says:

    why don’t use a postit or something else, don’t have write on your hands

  • Eric says:

    Ya this would be a hassle. I’d rather type the list in my notes on my cellphone, no environmental harm in that!

  • raphael crespo says:

    What about sweat?

  • shorty says:

    fun!, missin sumtin; prints reverse, nasty mirror effect : tceffe rorrim, ytsan ,esrever stnirp
    difficult to read my grocery list like that. or does it use a transfer sheet, which gives more smudges..

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