Make a racket Racket

Once upon a time one needed an Eastern European coach to berate and verbally pummel you into perfecting your perfect back swing. Now technology and some clever industrial design gives you the “Mana” – squash training aid by Sophie Horton. Intended as a training aid used in a common drill known as ‘ghosting’, giving the player vocal instructions during practice. Mana can help make sure you are at the top of your game and can swing both ways better than Angelina Jolie nursing her third martini.

Designer: Sophie Horton

Mana clips onto the player’s racket and calls our areas of the court for the player to run and take a fake shot. The product has three different vocal settings and three different weight variations to tailor for the needs of beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

The weights can be altered depending on the level of play.


  • Lim says:

    Woooo….. Imagine this, the opponent hit back the tennnis ball and the user miss it…. Bang the device…Hmm…guess the device its no for newbie then….

    • billy says:

      Damn fool! This is a ‘squash’ racket for ‘training’. This population needs a culling beginning with you!

      The product has been well executed, however I struggle to see a strong need for such a device. Surely players are capable of carrying out these tasks mentally if they don’t have a coach. This will, no doubt, have an isolated audience but they simply won’t sell enough.

      • Roque says:

        interesting but if you are practising on your living room… maybe you will crash your fish bowl, and hes got the reason innocently, it shows a way of play, it talks about a sport practic on its morphological composition and comunication, so, if you are a designer you should know that users are “stupid” with all the respect we as users deserve, it is perfectly normal, not all the people on the world recieve the same information because of the culture, beacuse of the place of residence, or something else and you’ve got the reason too, how many people can get that personar trainer in their home and, what is really importan who wants it, I like it a lot, but I don’t play squash, so, what if i want to use it on a tennis racket while I’m playing and what if I dont want to hear my personal virtual trainer but I want to hear music??, i think that opens my ways of enjoy it.

  • Edward James says:

    Good idea but im sceptical about how useful it will actually be?

  • matthew says:

    Hi Guys,

    My colleague Mike is new to squash and seems to be getting his ass kicked when he plays. Do you think this might help him to up his game?


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