Design Digest Vol.12

Good news everyone! Yanko Design just had a Pause Button installed on our forward looking crystal ball. We are usually looking so far into the future we barely realize our present. So to balance our karmic design energies, we present you this weeks Yanko Design Digest. A compendium of easily digestible design delights from around the globe.

Behind the iron curtain (actually it’s stainless steel mesh) Design studio Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven designed a transparent veil to showcase the Swarovski factory in Austria. Take a bow Swarovski.

California College of the Arts student Kimberly Kulka brings us this “Newspaper Chair”. A politically correct edit of rolled newspapers and magazines that combine for a structurally and environmentally sound design.

Codependence has never looked so good with this “Powerchair” by Guillaume Drapier. Without each other to lean on, this multi-chair design would simply be a pile of firewood.

China has a new winged dragon and it looks a lot like their brand new Beijing International Airport designed by Foster + Partners. The low down? It’s beautiful for sure, but more impressive is it’s the first building to break the one million square meter barrier, it will accommodate an estimated 50 million passengers per annum by 2020.