Suzuki’s Green Machine

The good folks at Suzuki are serious about going green and have been spotted testing their latest concept, the Suzuki Crosscage Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle. With no gears, no noise, no clutch and no emissions, this hydrogen fuel cell / electric hybrid two-wheeler just might be the future of motorcycles and is closer to reality than you might think. Seriously, there is a guy riding one in these pictures, you won’t hear it coming, but it is.

Design: Suzuki [ Via: Hell For Leather ]


  • Mark Flavin says:

    Oh ya, sign me up. Anybody know who sells hydrogen?

    • zippyflounder says:

      make your own, little water, little eletricity (dc of course) and away you go. You could buy it at a local welding supply house too, but that would be too easy now wouldnt it.

  • Keith says:

    I retract my statement. Welding, not wedding.

  • Raphael Crespo says:

    Great design! It must be japanese!

    • zippyflounder says:

      oops spelling error, should have been welding (used in flame polishing of plexiglass) and for wedding, might be just to provide that “lift” that all brides desire.

  • igreenspot says:

    another great news for our lovely earth

  • Dick Dongle says:

    This is perhaps the best looking Eco-Concept bike I’ve seen to date.

  • soapy says:

    Don’t be fooled! Hydrogen IS NOT a green fuel! And nor is this bike.

    You take oil/gas/coal and burn it to get electric (wasting energy as heat and waste) which you then convert into Hydrogen (very lossy compared to the previous step) and then you cart the Hydrogen around in a heavy bottle under pressure to the end user (burning yet more oil) until it finally gets burned in a motorcycle engine, which uses almost no oil compared to a car anyway!

    If we all switched to hydrogen tomorrow, the price of oil would go up higher. The same way the switch to bio-diesels has increased the costs of both oil and food, since you need more oil to grow and transport the crops to make the bio-diesel. Which are then not available as food for humans, but rather only for cars!

    Until the hydrogen, bio-diesel and other “proxy” fuels are recognised for what they are – a waste of oil – and the focus switches to a better way of doing things, like wind or wave or solar power, or dare I say nuclear, then we are only increasing our desperate need for yet more oil.

    • by says:

      I don’t like your ‘defeated’ attitude. This bike does have the potential to run with renewable energy resources, but still I guess you can say “…but, but, but, but you need oil to build the wind turbines and the solar panels you idiot”, by all means go for it.

    • Tony says:

      Hello!!…….you don’t need oil to get hydrogen. There are several individuals working on and designing ways to get hydrogen “on-the-fly” from ordinary tap water. I’ve seen one design that would be small enough to easily fit in that bike. Here’s a link to a video of one of the inventors designs.

    • Hydrostudy says:

      yo bro this bike is made not with a internal combustion engine but with a PEM hydrogen fuel cell which uses hydrogen and oxygen and a catalyst to create a chemical reaction which is transfered to electricty with a biproduct of water vapor. you can make hydrogen from solar powered eletrolysis seperation. So dont belive this loser who doesn’t know what hes talking about this bike would be great for anybody in college or in a general small area of opperation. YES IT IS GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jon Barletta says:

      Hook up your electricity generating windmill to make your silent steed’s hydrogen. Caution: fuel cell waste [water] freezes and becomes dangerous to drive on in winter…

  • franz says:

    pretty sure the two environment shots are photoshopped. and the last few images are renderings. not that its not real tho….

  • Seras says:

    Holy shit. The cockpit looks soooo nice. It could be from the future.
    Honestly now, I would be afraid with this motocycle. If you’re not heard by others, I’m sure there will happen even more accidents than there already are now.
    Nevertheless, the bike is a great step towards a good future!

  • Tony says:

    Here’s that link again…
    The best part is, it only takes 1/2 amp at 12 volts to produce enough electricity for the electrolysis process. As stated in the video, a 100 mile trip in an old Ford Escort station wagon only used 4 ounces of water. Just imagine what kind of milage you could get on that motorcycle. That’s about 3200 miles per gallon! Suzuki definately needs to team up with that guy and maybe even use that invention in their cars as well.

  • TonTon says:

    This “concept” of fuel cell burns oil, it´s a USA reality. Here in Brazil we don´t burn oil to produce energy for our homes. And after all, what´s so bad about it, if the catle eats the cereal that should feed millions, then to be slaughtered to feed only 20% of public, so to say, those who HAVE money to buy it.
    And there´s more, this bike should be equiped with that “sound of the wind” thing that the other collaborator had designed!

  • electronic says:

    the motorbike is special.

  • roslada says:

    Its really great bike , bikes on fuel its still better option .

  • oh,cool bike,i like it

  • Thank you for the great work that you have done here.

  • Toy Soldier says:

    Whom ever say’s that Hydrogen is a dirty fuel should review the process of attaining it. This isn’t 1985, this thing invented back in 1968 call electrolysis. Which is the most common and most researched for of Hydrogen isolation (not creation since it wasn’t formed just isolated). Because the issue still remains with all of these concept vehicles is that we haven’t found a safe isolation method. Although electrolysis is the most promising green method it’s not perfected yet. Further more, the next person that say’s PURE hydrogen creates ANY oils or serious by products besides H20 and O2 obviously should review basic chemistry.

  • marid says:

    love suzuki ,Beautiful Machine

  • everbuying says:

    the motorcycles like very very cool,i hope my boyfriend have it.

  • Amy says:

    I like that motorcycles very very much.

    But my mom don’t allow me to learn to ride,so sad

  • ciclia hu says:

    it’s cool, I like it.

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