Up Top Or Bottom?

The Daydream table looks like an ordinary shabby chic coffee table but it hides multiple trap doors for included vases that can go on top or down below – depending on your needs. Nothing I dislike more than being lazy on a Sunday afternoon on my couch with a bunch of vases blocking my view. Instead of angrily pushing them all to the floor, now they’re neatly tucked away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Designer: Yu Zhao


  • Tom says:

    From the looks of it this involves turning the vases (presumably filled with water) upside down. Meaning that if the vases were used for their actual purpose of holding flowers and plants in water then you’d still have to move them elsewhere if you wanted to get rid of them. This could actually be more effort than say moving the them to another surface!!

  • not up, not top, not bottom, I want everything 🙂

  • vatsal says:

    atleast this will avoid toppling and breaking of vases

  • igazbin says:

    Love it. But why limit it to vases. How about adding a potty, or a recycling bin for the empty beer bottles when watching a ball game. Oh. Yes. It’s a coffee table; where’s the hole for the coffee machine.

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