Rox Bench

For those of you who live in houses with restricted gardens where space saving furniture is paramount the Rox bench could be the solution for you. In the winter the unit collapses down into a storage unit where you can keep garden tools, children’s toys, etc. In the summer it opens out into a 3 seater bench and has two accompanying tables. Another feature is the built in solar lights, creating a cool night time effect.

Designer: David Andrew Bottom


  • Howard says:

    Ply corners and Night lights, Cool!

  • jaccc says:


  • carl says:

    Looks over complicated and combersome. The appearance is not attractive when used as a bench or as storage. How much does something like this weigh? There are alot of fixings and bits to it right? what about moisture ingress? so how much would this retail at, or is it just pie in the sky design?

    • Tony says:

      I disagree with the above comment, it does not look over complicated. Nice looking design, does look a bit heavy though ;)?

      I would have one in my garden……………………

    • James says:

      It looks like is is made from aluminum box section, a lot lighter than cast iron garden furniture equivalents. I like the aesthetics, especially the ply table tops!

  • Tom says:

    A very nice looking bench/storage unit. I particularly like the choice of materials, the glossy finished cross-cut ply looks great ad contrasts nicely with the brushed aluminium.

  • Gem says:

    Lovely looking design, would fit well in a contemporary garden – and the added storage facility is a well thought-out idea for those of us with limited garden space. Brilliant!

  • AntJB says:

    I love the aesthetic, the material contrast is beautiful and those little table tops are special, stunning way to use ply! I especially like lights, they set off the design and hint at its beauty, yet they are subtle enough not to be overpowering. Who cares if its heavy, its a mark of quality and anyway – its a bench… that way, no-one’s going to walk into your back garden one night and have it away 🙂

  • Victoria says:

    Bench looks really cool and comfortable, I would definitely be interested in having one of these for my garden. Great for parties with the lighting feature too!

  • Rob says:

    The bench looks fantastic. Carl is obviously aggrieved that a unit of this quality and fantastic deisgn is way out of his budget.

  • Sat says:

    The bench could be adapted as a bike rack.

  • carl says:

    pop it on the scales then and let us all know how much it weighs? Also get some ball park costs market costs together, im very interested in the results…. 🙂 the results of both will effect the market for the item. which is who by the way?

    Few more Questions?

    Is it pre-fabricated or supplied flat pack?
    is the wood fsc?
    is it S/Steel or Ali?
    What measures are taken to prevent moisture ingress? . (I assume one of the tables surfaces is on the floor when it is used as a storage device)..

    • Dave Bottom says:

      Firstly thanks to everyone for your comments.

      Just to clear a few things up:

      This is a prototype piece of garden furniture.


      1.5mm box section aluminium alloy.
      FSC sourced exterior plywood.
      Stainless steel and aluminium fixings.
      Chrome plated steel tubing.

      The unit weighs just under 30kgs which for its usability i.e. storage space and functionality is deemed acceptable. Please remember that some solid wooden benches weigh a lot more.

      The plywood is protected with a wax and laquer coating. Most outdoor wooden furniture needs a little care and attention every now and then and the Rox bench is no exception.

      In terms of moisture ingress, the base of the unit has small feet raising it from the ground and it is recommended that it is kept on a flat surface with reasonable drainage. The corner pieces are glued in with an exterior glue, flush with the aluminium.

      The RRP is £800. This is due to a relatively high assembly cost (It comes pre-assembled) and the selection of materials are obviously quite expensive…..metal isnt getting any cheaper at the moment, thanks China 😉

      If you did want a cheaper version (obviously aesthetics are heavily affected) then you could expect to pay around £600 for a HDPE version, still keeping the chrome tubing and metal fixings.

      It is designed to be manufactued in the first year with a small batch quantity of 5000.

      It was designed to push the boundaries of what garden furniture can do, and to help those of us who have small gardens where high quality space saving furniture is useful and from user research, quite desired.


  • carl says:

    Pushing the bounderies of how much people will pay for a chamfered box £600 – £800 Jeeeeezzzzuuuuusssss 🙂

  • Pete says:

    I like it but I’m short of the money. I am hoping to win the lottery and then I will be buying a couple.

    Lovely job guys.

  • Pete says:

    I like it but I’m short of the money. I am hoping to win the lottery and then I will be buying a couple.
    Lovely job guys.

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