Water Me When I Tilt

The action of this vase illustrates the state of the flower within. Made from handcrafted pewter, the vase stands proud when it is full of water, though as the level of water evaporates, the vase starts to lie down. An obvious metaphor for life. A great visual cue to know when to add more water. Now you have no one but yourself to blame if you can’t keep that precious rose alive longer than 2 days.

Designer: David Sweeney, Jeff Virangkabutra & Michael Korn


  • Interesting

    Discovered your site recently via ‘Coudal’.

    Will mention this story on my blog ‘Serge the Concierge’.

    Take care

    ‘The French Guy from New Jersey’

  • I always forget to water the plants around the house until they turn brown. I love the usefulness of things like this.

  • Marlin Choke says:

    Lost for words… A stunning, beautifully original product and innovation. It has everything.

  • Romain says:

    Nice idea ! How long will it take for me to get one at my door ? 😉

  • rex mancroft says:

    i love it, it makes me want to be a flower even more!

  • TW says:

    As a florist I can tell you it’s the water getting dirty that kills flowers prematurely. It has to be either a very small volume to the vase or an extra hot room for the issue to be evaporation.

  • Ryan says:

    wait.. do flowers eat up that much water? can u just get a transparent glass vase? i don’t get the point of this vase..

  • Mary says:

    The vase is nice. What is the price and where can I buy it?

  • Nick says:

    The concept is EXCELLENT.

    But does the water really evaporate that fast?

  • glo says:

    Nice idea, but the problem with flowers in a vase is that the water gets dirty and kills the plants, that is why you must replace it every two days or so.
    The water wont evaporate. the flower will die.

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