This 3-in-1 home gym is smaller than your couch helping you meet your fitness goals!

COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of us in the confines of our homes with restricted possibilities when we talk of activities that in normal routine would bring some semblance of physical activity. Sure most of us tried to set fitness goals, and use our creative bit to figure out how to keep the flame burning, but in the end, it’s too hard to stay motivated for a rigorous workout session when you are going through the same boring routine with no other pals around who’ll push you for that final set.

Getting a multipurpose fitness machine is a good answer to all your excuses, but unfortunately, after a few months, they are left to bite the dust too. Moreover, they take up too much space and most of them are not that aesthetically pleasing. This 3-in-1 fitness wall by NOHrD christened Wall Compact is an exception, and surprisingly it takes up as little space as imagined – no more than your small couch. The home fitness solution is designed by WaterRower’s (expertise in developing rowing machines for over three decades) sister brand NOHrD that focuses on form and function. Their design ideology is centered on the user and the aesthetic appeal of the fitness equipment while still maintaining the highest standards of strength training backed by science.

You can tone all the important muscles in your body with this multifaceted fitness machine that comes with its own virtual coach interactive workout program accessed via the touchscreen. You can perform chest, forearm, biceps, triceps, shoulder, and back exercises on the cable stations on each side –while the SwingBells on the wall gives you more freedom of taking up your free weight training sessions. Just imagine this workout machine sitting in your living room – you’ll be instantly lured to burn out those muscles!

Designer: NOHrD