Porsche Design plays Othello

Darth Vader is dead, long live Anakin Skywalker! For years black was where it’s at with Porsche Design. Now when I say “Porsche Design” I don’t mean the cars, I mean the luxury lifestyle objects inspired by Porsche (the cars). Their use of black across the design board was primarily based on the idea that black, according to Ferdinand Porsche himself “…is a non-color that expresses that heart of the object.” Well times are changing and since a little start-up known as Apple came along and single handily redefined not only industrial design, but the use of white, Porsche Design has had to rethink their aesthetic stance. For the first time in their thirty-plus year history, Porsche Design is presenting a collection “colored” entirely in white. “The typical color of Porsche Design is black,” explains Roland Heiler, Managing Director of Porsche Design Studio. “The color white, on the other hand, stands for purity and also has the property that it highlights the shape of the product. These characteristics also make white an excellent medium for our minimalist design language.” As long as they don’t try to own the color white like T-Mobile’s insistence that they somehow “own” the color magenta, it’ all good.

Designer: Porsche Design