This 4-in-1 handbag packs all essentials for a stress-free day!

The word handbag is often preceded by the word ‘stylish’ but never the word ‘functional’. A handbag, which is essentially a derivative of a bag or backpack, often doesn’t get the same treatment as its gender-neutral category. It’s like how men’s jeans have pockets, but women’s jeans rarely do. There’s a strange gender-vs-usability bias in the fashion world where product aesthetics are given a higher priority than functionality… especially for women. A crowdfunding startup is out to change that.

You may remember Wool & Oak from their past Kickstarter campaigns, including the wildly successful 6-in-1 Duffle that introduced modularity to travel cases. Their latest campaign, The ALL DAY BAG, brings that very same level of problem-solving and pragmatism to a product that’s clearly plagued with problems. By redesigning the core UX of the woman’s handbag, The ALL DAY BAG gives women the ability to do more and carry more, with the freedom of being able to wear their handbag the way they see fit. The ALL DAY BAG is essentially a well designed backpack in the avatar of a woman’s handbag. It comes with a full-grain premium leather exterior in a silhouette that puts it at par with most high-end handbags, albeit with an adjustable strap system that lets you carry it like a handbag, wear it like a tote, or even strap it across your shoulders like a backpack (effectively freeing up your hands). The bag features a secure magnetic closure, as well as a secret quick-access pocket on the outside for a smartphone or wallet.

The interiors of The ALL DAY BAG reflect its conscientious approach to design. With a waterproof technical nylon inner, and an organized layout, The ALL DAY BAG is the perfect hybrid between a purse and a backpack. It comes with a well-planned set of compartments that include a sleeve for a 13-inch laptop, a notebook sleeve, pockets for your wallet, hand cream, sunglasses, a roomy zip pocket for valuables or chargers, a secure looped-holder for a water-bottle, two leather pen loops, two leather lipstick loops, and a clip for securing your keys. This is, while excluding the bag’s main compartment that’s spacious enough to fit a 15-inch laptop and a lunch-box among other belongings one may own. The bag’s design comes with side-gussets that you can either tuck in, to make your bag compact, or expand outwards to change the visual appeal of the bag while giving you a larger inner compartment. Designed to be stylish (and that’s the only time I’ll use this word here) but more importantly be functional, The ALL DAY BAG comes with a usefulness and versatility that most women’s handbags often lack. For instance, The ALL DAY BAG even has a luggage-strap that lets you secure it to a carry-over bag, freeing you as you travel through an airport. In doing so, The ALL DAY BAG embodies the very characteristics that women aim at reflecting. Freedom, versatility, the ability to multitask, and to look great while doing it!

Designer: Johnathan Webster

Click Here to Buy Now: $319 $419 ($100 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $430,000.

The ALL DAY BAG – Multi-tasking Masterpiece

THE ALL DAY BAG can be worn as a handbag, backpack, or a tote. Simply pull the straps to turn it into a whole new bag.

Made for the woman on the go, Wool & Oak created a premium bag – without the premium markup; a bag that keeps up with you so you can use it All Day. Every Day.

ALL DAY Elegance

Crafted from full-grain premium leather and designed to flatter the female silhouette, The ALL DAY BAG was made to elevate every outfit for any occasion.

ALL DAY Comfort

Now you can do what you want with a bag that does it all. The morning to moonlight ALL DAY BAG is a true multi-tasking masterpiece.

ALL DAY Freedom

Made for motion. Adjust the versatile straps to a luggage strap to maximize your bag’s safety in transit. Wherever you’re headed this year, THE ALL DAY BAG has your back.

ALL DAY Access

Built around the busy woman’s day The ALL DAY BAG is intuitive to use. A secret phone pocket on the back and a thoughtfully curated interior ensure functionality remains chic.

A clip for keys, a 13” laptop sleeve, a notebook sleeve, pockets for your wallet, hand cream, sunglasses, a roomy zip pocket for valuables or chargers, a water bottle holder with an elasticated top, and two leather pen loops, two leather lipstick loops, ensure your everyday necessities stay organized and accessible.

The main compartment is spacious enough to hold a 15” laptop, a cardigan, and even your to-go lunch.

The ALL DAY BAG was designed for ease of access on-the-go with a fold-in top flap and a leather-covered magnetic closure. For a little peace of mind, Wool & Oak have added a silver zipper closure underneath that’s as sturdy as it’s striking.

Details of The ALL DAY BAG

The adjustable strap works like a wonder. Find your optimal strap length to easily switch from a handbag to a backpack, to a tote in one quick pull.

Fold-in side gussets and a fold-in top flap allow for freedom to switch silhouettes and allow for further storage space.

Lightweight and easy to clean. Their wipeable technical nylon offers a luxe look and feel. It even looks good after a spill.

Click Here to Buy Now: $319 $419 ($100 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $430,000.