This beating could use some pepper…

Are you an alpha or a beta? Well now it doesn’t really matter next time you are confronted with a would be mugger or attacker. Designer Idan Arbel has come up with this brilliant idea. Once you have successfully rendered your assailant a curled up crying mess on the floor, with these “Pepper Knuckles, you can proceed to give him the beating of a lifetime. Go ahead, hit a criminal when he/she is down… it’s only fair play. While you are at it, steal his/her wallet and drop it off at the nearest police station just for laughs. That will teach people to mess with “Pepper Knuckles.” I like that name, reminds me of a Mexican Wrestler… Pepper Knuckles vs. Nacho Libre!

Designer: Idan Arbel


  • Tracy says:

    Wow brutal! Not only does he get the crapped knocked out of him but he even gets a little something extra to remember the experience. Well if your gonna do bad things, just remember-karma is a bitch.

  • chris says:

    The dude coming has a gun and he will have no problem doing this to you. Such a stupid concept… How can we come up with such ideas seriously?

    • victor_lekweuwa says:

      Thumbs up. Its dumb really. No one has the time to pull that out of a bag and punch a man that has a knife or gun…

    • victor_lekweuwa says:

      Thumbs up. Its dumb really. No one has the time to pull that out of a bag and punch a man that has a knife or gun…

  • Ayala says:

    I think the product is intended as a self defense product, having the brass knuckles addition to the pepper spray could empower and give a more safe feeling to the user…not really intended as a form of attack

  • MasterYong says:

    Maybe it’s just here in California, but aren’t brass knuckles and related products illegal? Hell, in California, you technically need a concealed weapons permit for pepper spray, but non one enforces that law…

  • bpapa9013 says:

    Too close for pepper, switching to knuckles!

  • igreenspot says:

    having bras knuckles is nothing if you can’t hit the bad guy, I prefer electric shock.

  • carl says:

    Who’is this aimed at the Criminal or the Victim?

    • webby says:

      wait… this 'victim' should be you or anyone else that is getting beaten. you should hit the criminal, 'course. i mean, would you hit a person that is already getting threatened with pepper and brass knuckles? At least I think so.


  • eric says:

    why don’t you add a taser to the outside knuckles, spikes to all the knuckle bridges, a couple of blades, a gun. just make it so epic, megaman would say “screw that, he’s a fricken hoss!” thats where this is going, the assassin knuckle! nice idea man.

  • relion says:

    add in a electric charge to the brass knuckles and I’m sold

  • Anybody who would use this, wouldn’t know how to throw a punch… so the brass knuckles part is useless… So why not buy some normal pepper spray… The whole point of the spray, is that there will be no real physical confrontation….

  • drew says:

    ^^^^ you pepper that person first then you wrack them!! not the other way around lol!!

  • Noah says:

    it may be intended to be a self defence tool but it’s just a weapon it may be accuired by victim , mugger , angry teenagers and a racist
    weapons make no good in defence, one rule only for civlian defence distract and escape if you want to hit back your bare hands is enough
    this tool is designed for pre-planed fight if you look at the way it is held in hand it is not fast to catch

  • fgfgfd says:

    Wearing this means you are expecting it. With that attitude and constant feeling of insecurity…you will attract the situation in your experience. Law of attraction.

    Also it is good to have some form of defence and offence training like krav maga. In the end, what you focus on the most, you will receive.

    And yes, karma comes back worse – no matter if it is in self defense or not.

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