A Universal Remote For Everywhere

We often think of a universal remote to be a device that controls any and everything. The Mulit-Chalk one-ups that axiom by controlling everywhere. Huh, what?!? It’s a soft electronic device designed to slip on anything with a button. It can be designed to compliment your outfit and style. With a little simple programming, just about anything can be controlled from it by turning the disk in various directions. Just be smart and don’t use it during a big football game. The guy with the colorful button is always the target.

Designer: Tobi Kim


  • Ernie says:

    This looks amazing. But on the technical side, how does it work? How does it connect?

    • tasinet says:

      Hm. It seems as if it is IR. This could be awesome if it were done correctly or useless if not.

      For me (always), correctly would be:
      -work without pointing (if it is IR, is this an issue?)
      -work with most things (if not everything)
      -programmability (im an expert user, if I CAN script it to recognize and distinguish between a single click, double click, triple tap (tap=faster than click? dunno, brainstorming) I WOULD. *

      You may say that im wrong about any of the above, but im not, because they are true for ME.
      You are welcome to bring my arguments down with arguments. (e.g. “most people in the target group of this company wouldnt need more than one function from a universal remote” could be one -stupid- argument)

      * (hover the * above)


      • wedgehog says:

        my response to you comment is:

        ……. I can’t be bothered to respond since this sort of technology won’t exist anyway – until it can read your mind to figure out what you want it to do otherwise it would be pointless …. nevertheless it’s a nice concept!

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