Shoe Headlights

The title of this post says it all, headlights on your shoe. Pioneer is a concept shoe that coverts kinetic walking energy into electrical energy. There’s a tiny battery that charges up with each step and can keep the headlights on for a full 12 hours straight dispersing light at 1.5 meters.

Although the aesthetic design seems quite simple, it’s purposeful. The material is waterproof but breathes. The sole is solid rubber to absorb shock and also shields your foot from weird electrical happenings.

This kind of reminds me of my L.A. Gear red LED sneakers. Anybody remember those? I use to force myself to walk, hop, jump – anything to make them flash.

Designer: Feijun Chen & Bin Zhao



  • ConcepTrends says:

    It looks like children shoes. The concept is interesting but a serios man won’t wear that.

    • Dev says:

      its the idea thats important, concept dosent always need to look good so there able to make it look good in the future

    • edel says:

      if they came in black or brown(and possibly different finishes) a “serious man” would totally wear these.

    • Nick says:

      This is an old concept from a TV show called “Married with Children”.

  • mariess says:

    my friends james and jo who are doing graphic design came up with a very similar concept for an inventions project! it was also applied to disco sparkling shoes and night light slippers that would shine you way around the bedroom and welly boots for evening hikes etc…

  • Jakus says:

    acutally, this would be great, near where my gf lives there is a few dimly lit streets, and im always dodging dog poo, and dead frogs. Im gonna have to start carrying a torch round- however if i had these i wouldnt forget my torch.

  • Curves says:

    Would be nice if they had tail lights too. I walk for fitness year round and here in the northern climes it gets dark early in the winter. Though I stick primarily to the sidewalks, but I do whatever I can to be visible to motorists (including reflective tape on my jacket) but the movement and light of these might help my visability as well.

    Dont run me over, Bro.

    • Git Em SteveDave says:

      I too walk after work/at night. I went and invested in a little flashing LED bicycle taillight which has variable blink patterns. It’s visible up to a mile away, and was only ~$8. I wear it attached to my Camelbak, so as I walk, it moves as well as blinks. I also wear a headlight which I attached a smaller LED blink light I got from WallyWorld for $0.50. The headlight lights my path, as well as illuminates the reflective belt/sash I wear b/c it’s LED. The taillight has lasted me well over a year w/ the same batteries. I wouldn’t like lights on my feet as the light doesn’t stay steady, and I like my lights at around my head level, b/c that’s about eye level w/ a driver.

  • zenpoet says:

    How can these be useful? I know when I run that I do not hold me feet parallel to the ground at all times, and the effect of show mounted lights would seem a bit like strobe lights in the area ahead.

    Sounds like it would just make me sick.

  • AG says:

    This designer is lame.

    I’ve seen this concept in the SKYMALL magazines on airplanes, at least 10 years ago!!

    If you’re going to design info-mercial worthy products, don’t sign your name to it.

  • Justin says:

    I would wear them when I’m out being a superhero.

  • Andrew says:

    Great Idea for running at night. It’s like the model of the LA gear shoes that actualy matters to people. It would almost be cooler if they died quick so you had to keep running to keep the light going.

  • Christine says:

    Wow, I love this idea. It would be awesome for late night or early morning joggers who need to see the ground ahed of them. Too many times have people tripped over pot holes or sidewalks because they can’t see below their feet.

  • nizam says:

    The technology and the idea is helpful to the pedestrians only in the night hours and in the dark area, but the design will not attract the consumers.

  • Patchyy says:

    actually these would be awesome for cyclists riding at night..

  • mitch says:

    this shoe is sweet i want a pair. good point i do want it in black

  • mitch says:

    this shoe is sweet i want a pair. good point i do want it in black

  • jason says:

    do u now how much this costs?

  • Linda says:

    Who cares about “serious man”? Any serious runner who runs after dark would wear these — and not care in the slightest how they look.

    Combine the headlights with a great running shoe and I’d wear ’em — even if they were bright orange, pink, green and yellow.

    Wait, I’d wear ’em more if they were crazy funky colors like that. I’ll be watching for these to hit the market someday!

  • Zane says:

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