This washing machine tilts open so no need to bend and makes doing laundry super easy!

Did you know that automatic washing machines can’t be placed vertically like dryers even though that setup is trending in new apartment layouts? Placing them vertically makes it difficult to use in areas with limited floor space. So to solve this functional interior design problem, Hyun Yeol Shin designed Tilt, a washing machine that can be installed freely (horizontally and vertically) and the best part is how the laundry tank tilts towards you so no more crazy bending or squatting!

Tilt’s innovative design makes it easier to put in and remove laundry out, especially for those who may already suffer from aches, pains, or minor mobility issues that make laundry more difficult than it should be. Drum washing machines are inconvenient and with Tilt, you can have washing performance of automatic washing machines, shorter washing time than drums, cleaner washing machines due to contamination, and it can be arranged vertically! Tilt can be set up in the same environment as the dryer due to narrow laundry rooms are no more a problem and neither is moving around to do laundry.

It definitely makes it easier for pregnant women and for younger kids to get involved in helping out without having to use tongs to take the laundry out. The tilting mechanism of the door makes it easy for anyone to do laundry. It maximizes space utilization and the replaceable panel design allows you to choose based on your space. I am a personal fan because there have been multiple incidents where I have squatted down to take the laundry out to put it in the dryer above and hit my head on the dryer’s door in the process – thanks to design’s like Tilt, I’ll save space, won’t have to bend and my head will remain bump-free!

Designer: Hyun Yeol Shin