Make-Up And 3x The Fun

The Luxe Pack cosmetic set consists of a retail design for a powder compact with a mirror and an applicator, as well as a matching lipstick container. The three main elements (mirror, powder housing and applicator) dictate the form of the ‘Y’ shape. The final design consists of two separate shells, which house the inner components. These halves swivel by way of a center spindle exposing the cosmetics. The hollow center of the spindle allows for the integration of the lipstick housing. This insertion plays up the ‘sexual’ appeal of the product while making an abstract statement.

The packaging is made of a frosted rubber material molded in the form of the letter U, holding together the pieces to this product. The horizontally placed lipstick tube serves as a carry handle for the package. This desirable and appealing package makes for a fun and fashionable point of purchase experience.

Designer: Fernando Robert