Mug For My Lips

You wouldn’t think a coffee mug needs re-designing but Jinhong Lin did. Lets ponder for a moment how the liquid moves from the mug into your mouth. The bridge between the two are the edges of the mug and your lips. So why not make those those two parts fit well. Lin’s mug has a curved edge to better trace our lips while we get our dose of caffeine.

Designer: Jinhong Lin


  • Ed Ishida says:

    As an amateur barista, I should say that this design research is a little incomplete. it’s interesting to see the user side, but you can’t forget the professional side too…

    The flat bottom is not so good for coffee brewing as a rounded one…

    As Specialty Coffees are so special as great wines, you should pay attention in other aspects as appearance, smell and volume of the drink…

    Best regards..

  • zuy says:

    Ed Ishida it’s very interessing about flat bottom …
    Idunnot where you’s from?
    Do you Know caffeine nap?

    • Ed Ishida says:


      The way the coffee flows through the rounded bottom makes a huge difference in it’s crema, appearance and smell..

      I’m from Brazil, and had been studying coffee drinks for a while…

  • zuy says:

    are you sleeping? take a coffee;..

  • liam says:

    Is it just me or is this nothing new? All of my mugs have a curved edge…?

  • GL says:

    Aren’t the lips flexible enough to match the form of any round edges of a cup already?
    And the message is a bit weak. I wouldn’t know those were designed for the lips until someone told me.

  • Jinhong Lin says:

    Thank you !
    “Mug For My Lips”is not the original intention of my design, Dripping water wears away a stone, lips contact with mug all day, will mug be printed on traces of lips? In fact, this work named “lip-print”。

  • please send to me all information about your prodactd
    ahmad al shaikh
    C M Media Grasphic Designd co

  • paul sandip says:

    is this a work of a designer?…i don’t think so…

  • arpan maiti says:

    smart 🙂

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