Considering a Slice of Cake

Yay let’s have a party! I’d eat cake every day if I could! I remember when I first went to college, I ate icecream every night. Designers at WAGAii are considering how to cut the cake. Really! Each box of Petals consists of a single plastic flower. With it, you can cut a cake perfectly into 3, 4, 6, 12, 5, 7, 8, 9, or 10 pieces. I didn’t get lost in there! There’s two ways to cut! So many options, one single flower of plastic.

Alright check it out.

You can either use the pedals of the flower (the top,) or the leaves of the flower (along the stem.)

If you use the petals (the top,) you can cut the cake into 3, 4, 6, or 12 pieces, as each pedal spans 30 degrees. All you’ve got to do is insert the top of the flower into the cake and keep it in place, cutting then between whichever pedals make sense for you. (See the first image below).

If you use the leaves (on the stem,) you can cut the cake into 5, 7, 8, 9, or 10 pieces. This gets a little more complicated. You must first start with a cut, placing against that cut then the pedal marked with the number of pieces you’d like. At the other end of that pedal, make another cut. Move the pedal to that cut, and continue.

All done!

And when you ARE done, the flower connects and sits in the pot that it comes with for a lovely decoration.

Designer: WAGAii


Patels perfect for cutting the cake by WAGAii





  • brack says:

    the best ideas are the most simple. bravo.

  • Julia says:

    what happened to good old eye measurements???

    • Canterburry says:

      Right? I even wear glasses, and still am able to divide by as many numbers as I damn near well please! Don’t need another useless thing roaming my drawers.

  • Zeatbag says:

    I think this is very good idea, NICE!

  • Bella says:

    I think it’s great. Does anyone know where can i buy them from?

  • ceebee says:

    I think this is great.

  • mif991 says:

    Not everyone has a good eye for cutting cakes. This is a good design.

    • Evaopala says:

      I agree. I think these would be fantastic at the cafe that I work at. I’m constantly being pulled up for cutting slices too big or to small or worse,leaving slices that are too big or small to be used for another customer. I’d rather use one of these gadgets than be told off by my boss time and time again for ‘wasting’ money.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    I think this is either a clear sign of the point we have got to or one of its causes. Or both.

    Really, people. You go to college for this kinda stuff? Another plastic product with the sillyest of functions that will contribute nothing to common welfare worldwide but it will make it worse, using oil, polluting and generating tons of thrash.

    Yeah, way to go.

    • Richard says:

      i think people went to college and try to make things better even with just a little effort or a small step that will accumulate in every field.You can take off your cloth,dump your cellphone and computer if you decide to stay so negative about everything cause they’re all polluting the world.
      What a comment,way to go!

  • c3coinc says:


  • c3coinc says:

    well i change my mind my sister in law will love this useless cake-measure-thing-cutter

  • ArC says:

    If you don’t have a good eye for cutting slices, are you really sure you’ll have a good eye for placing this guide right in the center of the cake?

  • Elnar says:

    ideal for families with many children. siple, and smart.

  • Eddy Ji. says:

    Really… Goooooooood!

  • Gwen says:

    I bake New York Cheesecakes , and often sell them to Folks that are having large get togethers , This is a fantastic Idea … No one feels as if they missed out on the Perfect slice of Cheesecake ! I need several of these …

  • pH14.5 says:

    Such a big piece of packaging and yet you don’t even use the whole length. Might as well bake the cake by slices.

    What about detaching the cake since some part of the cake can’t be cut as it is blocked by the device? So you remove the flower, and you cut the middle again to detach each slice?

    Don’t really see the real problem here. Why make everything look so artificial and perfect?

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