Soap With No Suds

And you won’t even complain! Because this is Soap Light, a portable lamp serenading as a bar of soap! Fantastic! It comes with this charger base, predictably fashioned as a soap dish and once fully charged you can place the bar wherever you fancy. Using the touch interface you can switch it on-off but to dim or brighten the light, you need to rub the bar. I can picture elegant bars all over my room.

Designers: Jieun Kim & Jiyeon Ahn of LUCA 12:00

Soap Light by Jieun Kim & Jiyeon Ahn of LUCA 12:00




  • Sandy says:

    Love this would love to buy one and review it 🙂

  • Geisrud says:

    Great for all those times when you need to wash your hands in the dark.

  • Frigg says:

    I’d be too nervous to own one.

    How do we know that the origin of the future universe, some cosmic luminescent fluid with the power to rip open the fabric of our own space-time blanket and replace it with an entirely different physics, spewing out new forms of matter and energy that consume our own little universe like a yummy little bon-bon as it rapidly expands in dimensions we can’t even imagine, is quietly gestating within its center?

    Sure, it looks harmless enough, even pretty I suppose, if you like that kind of thing. But I’m just not willing to take that chance.

  • tedg001 says:

    candela and mathmos have already produced something like this.

    • Brian Anwar says:

      You mean masquerading, not serenading.

      Although: A lamp pretending to be a bar of soap and serenading someone/thing is pretty cool. Kinda like Cyrano DeBergerac meets the brave little toaster.

  • miju miju says:

    great to have !!! very emotional and clean look !! Love it!!!

  • Sheng Wang says:

    how can I get it?

  • Sheng Wang says:

    how can I get it?

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