The Shape of Music

The cone shape has always been a natural one for sound enhancement and projection. From the early days of circus hosts announcing some daring feat of high-wire acrobatics, to riot police announcing their intention to crack your skull open for having an opinion… good times. The cone is probably the first and best idea in sound delivery. Designer Paul Scarfe believes this to be true by adding the purity of glass to this equation and designing this speaker he calls “Aura.” By using molded glass to focus and precisely deliver the high frequencies(treble), and the standard bottom shooting bass arrangement, he has married a clean all-in-one silhouette with audio precision. Encore!

Designer: Paul Scarfe


  • ConcepTrends says:

    I think the design could have been made more eye catching. Sometimes when I look at it I think as a garbage bin.

  • live concepts says:

    I don’t see why it looks like a blender? I’m not sure about the quality of sound when channelled through glass either. It would have been nice if it served a dual purpose as a vase for artificial flowers. Instead it’s a hefty, large, unusual ornament case – (comparing it to the market of flat, hidden wireless speakers, with crisp sound)

    Not an innovative idea as there are tons of ornament speakers – but great visual renders.

    • TH says:

      Blender was my first reaction, too. Would need to hear it to be able to say anything about the other claims made about it.

  • john says:

    won’t the fruit come out the top when its turned on…! 🙂

  • Nico says:

    It’s an interesting idea, but I’m not sold on it’s claims of high sound quality. Looks like it would be prone to muddy bass, as well as very reflected and misaligned treble and midrange. However, the idea of using a glass horn like that is interested, and is something which some high-end manufacturers might want to look into, as it could be nice visually.

  • Victoria says:

    As a musician, performer, and composer with extensive experience in the audio visual field, I say that this is crap. Yet another design that, while some might consider it visually appealing (I vote for blender as well!) make NO sense to anyone who actually knows about sound.

    First of all, bass quality is dependent on vibration. Having it facing the floor? Not so good. Not only will it be distorted, but it will also vibrate things around it. Consider it like having your entire desk sitting on top of a speaker at a club.

    As for the ‘treble’. The cone shape loses its effectiveness when it has a tapered edge, nixing the supposed superiority right there. On top of which glass is not a good medium in terms of vibration and feedback. In terms of sound quality, it would be better to have a smaller cone amplifier and larger sound producer.

    I think that this design needs to go back to the drawing board, and this designer should get some input from professionals so that they can combine aesthetics with actual science to make a better product.

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