This Award-Winning Foldable Microwave Oven Concept Turns into a Portable Carry Case

You’ve got portable grills, induction cookers, and portable stoves, but there’s no portable version of the microwave. Most microwaves today are heavy, bulky, and aren’t designed to be carried around… but what if they were? Designer Park Saun created the Foldwave concept to show what a portable microwave could look like. With a collapsible design that turns into a portable carry case when not in use, the Foldwave gives you the option of being able to carry your microwave around. Use it at home from one room to another, carry it to work, or even to a picnic. The collapsible design makes it easier to carry on your shoulders… and if you’re wondering whether portable microwaves are even feasible as a concept, a Japanese company developed the world’s first battery-powered microwave this year!

Designer: Park Saun

The Foldwave’s innovation, as a concept, lies primarily in the way it goes from cube-shaped to compact. The sides of the microwave buckle inwards, allowing the top and the bottom elements to join together into a smaller, more manageable carrying volume. A handle on the top makes it easy to carry the Foldwave around with you, and using the Foldwave is as simple as opening the door in front, adding your food, and turning the knob on top to run the appliance.

Even though conceptual, it’s important to really address how this technology would be feasible in the long run. Microwaves are usually sealed shut to prevent radiation leakage, and it’s important that the Foldwave keeps that in consideration too. As far as the components go, the microwave magnetron sits on the top, while the rotating platform can be found at the bottom. One would assume that the high-voltage transformer sit right at the top with the magnetron, powering the device, while a battery unit could be potentially stored at the bottom, allowing the microwave to balance its components and weight out while still being bottom-heavy enough to stay stable when open.

The Foldwave is a winner of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept for the year 2023.